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The Key Man - Eduardo Your Personal Locksmith
Devorah Robbie Tockar
Wow! What a mentch and so professional and thorough. Attention to detail to ensure everything is done properly to customers taste. He has tremendous patience and good prices. I got a stamp made up and a car key cut!
The Key Man - Eduardo Your Personal Locksmith
David Zacks
מאוד הוגן ונחמד
Computer Online - PC Store & Lab
Ingrid Muller
Great service- honest, knowledgeable and friendly owners. Also great prices!
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Iris Bar-Ner
אין לי מספיק מילים כדי לאמר עד כמה אני מרוצה מהשירות של יוסי !!! איש מקצוע סופר מקצועי והכי חשוב אמין . הגיע עם חיוך, בדק את הבעיה בסבלנות , הסביר מה האפשרויות ונתן מענה מדויק !!! איש מקצוע כמו שאנשי מקצוע צריכים להיות , תענוג !
Eti Raichert Hadbarot BaTzameret - Extermination Services
Pia Glück
Efficient and professional service, responsible and accurate at times Eti is by far the best pest control company in Israel This is the 13th year this amazing woman helps out to provide me with a bug free home.
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Rafaela Glasenberg
Great professional efficient movers! They packed up our kitchen so well and made sure to check everything with us every step of the way. They also picked something up for us from a different location. Came with two trucks and got everything done in one trip. Would definitely recommend them for your next move!
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Sara Swed
צוות מקצועי ואדיב, הגיע בזמן ועשה עבודה טובה. ממליצה בחום.
Tuvia El'or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
David Gerecht
Punctual. Friendly. Professional. Tuvia came to our rescue when our Dud Shemesh didn't work. He came within hours of my phonecall, on time (!) and got to work straight away.
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Renee Lindemann Penn
Highly recommended. Just had the most amazing service from Yossi Grove, reasonably priced and such a gentleman. Came well prepared and with a warm personality.
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Henry Fuerte
Yossi gives excellent service with a smile. He came prepared with all the parts and resolved all if our issues. He is a pleasure to work with.
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Devorah Robbie Tockar
Highly recommend Yossi! He comes well prepared with specifics that you may need to save time. He is friendly and so clean- you wouldn’t even know he’s been round. Competitive pricing and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Debbie Losinski Eisenberg
HIGHLY recommend. Came quickly and fixed all our problems. Clean and very knowledgeable.
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Marina Gutman Abramovich
התרשמתי לטובה מרמי כבר בשלב שהגיע לתת הצעת מחיר. ביום ההובלה הגיע בול בזמן עם הצוות שלו. ארזו את הבית במהירות ביעילות ונזהרו על הציוד. היו קשובים לבקשות שלנו. מומלץ!!!
Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi Rechimi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
רפאל אהרן עמראני
יוסי בעל מקצוע מעולה שרות מהיר ואדיב מאוד ישיר ואמיתי נהנתי מאוד מהשירות שלו ואני ואישתי אמצנו אותו לכל בעיה
Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi Rechimi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
Rona Michelson
I called Yossi to fix my 21 year old Maytag dryer. He showed up quickly with a pleasant manner and professional knowledge. He intuited what the problem was and fixed it on the spot- even having the exact replacement part. It was a pleasure to have him here. I recommend him whole-heartedly!!
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
John Garcia
Rami movers are excellent and would recommend to everyone who has to move their household. They really take care of your goods and make sure of no damage. Also very friendly and helpful. Absolutely top quality of service.
Tuvia El'or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
משה דואני
ביצעו עבודה מקצועית ונקייה. שירות מסור. כיף לעבוד איתם. המלצתי לחבריי ולמכריי לעבוד איתם והם הודו לי על כך.בעלי מקצוע נדירים
Dyo (Ink) Shop Modiin
Claire Perets
Have been buying ink here for years now, and Alon always gives excellent, personal and friendly service.
Eti Raichert Hadbarot BaTzameret - Extermination Services
Ruthie Lerer Abitbol
וואו אתי היתה מדהימה. הגיעה בזמן ועשתה עבודה נפלאה. פתרה את כל הבעיות שלנו עם חומרים שאינם מזיקים.
The Key Man - Eduardo Your Personal Locksmith
Harry Rubenstein
Eduardo is a mensch and as professional as they come. I’ve used his locksmith services multiple times as well as visited his store. Trustworthy, fair pricing, quality work.
More Items
Computer Online - PC Store & Lab
Country Center
Repair of laptop & desktop computers, as well as consoles: ps4, wii, and X-Box. Selling ink and offering support for Windows, virus and spyware removal. Selling printers, accessories and equipment for computers and smartphones. English Spea
10% Discount on Lab Repair Services!
Dyo (Ink) Shop Modiin
Modiin Center
Specializing in printer ink and printers, offering honest advice about fixing printer issues, and which printer will best meet your specific needs. Ink cartridges and toners, both original and recycled. Special prices, quality and unrivaled
10% Off Printer Ink - All Year Round!!
Gaming Headphones - 1 for 149 ₪, 2 for only 250 ₪!
Eti Raichert Hadbarot BaTzameret - Extermination Services
Modiin General
Managed by English speaker Eti Reichert. License no': 1980. Extermination services for all types of insects in the home and outside: cockroaches, ants, silverfish, mice, rats, flies, termites and moths. Specializing in fleas and ticks. High
10% Off Extermination Services!
Haim Mizug Avir - Air Conditioning Technician
Modiin General
Certified technician for Electra, Tadiran, Tornado and Family air conditioners - previously senior technician at Electra! Offering repair and maintenance services. Fair prices, meeting deadlines, full transparency! All maintenance solutions
10% Off All Air-Con Jobs!
Israel Primate Sanctuary - Rescue and Education Center
Ben Shemen
Educational and interactive tours for all ages, from gan children up to retirees. During your tour, you will get to know some of the monkeys and their background. The monkeys that live at the sanctuary are exclusively ones that needed help,
Kfar Chashmonai - Reconstruction of Daily Life in Ancient Times
Range of interactive and fun activities for children and adults, portraying daily life in the land of Israel in ancient times, including a guided tour of the sites of the reconstructed village. Suitable for families, birthday parties, schoo
10% Off All Activities!
Nesher - Pigeon Removal
Modiin General
Permanent solutions for your pigeon problem. Pigeons trapped in lofts Laundry hanging areas Roofs, roof tiles and gutters Balconies Window sills Railings * Modiin resident. Special prices for Vaadei Bait, using rappeling for tall buildings.
10% Off All Pigeon Removal Jobs!
Pinchas - Solar and Electrical Boilers
Modiin General
Expert in repair and installation of all types of solar and electrical boilers, including washing and cleaning of panels. Certified electrician, Modiin Resident. Professional service, fast and dependable. Committed to the lowest price! Spec
15% Off All Jobs!
Raanan Satat "Golden Hands" - Painting, Sealing & Handyman Work
Modiin General
Painting of empty or lived-in apartments. Clean and tidy work. All types of household maintenance work: Repairing blinds. Plumbing. Assembling IKEA products. Fixing ceramics. Clearing blockages. Fitting taps (faucets). Installing lights and
10% Off All Painting, Sealing & Handyman Jobs!
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Moving services for homes and offices at unbeatable prices! Professional work: carefully look after your furniture and possessions Courteous team of workers Move all types of items! From pianos to valuable objects Packaging and storage serv
10% Off All Moving Services + Free Kitchen Packing!
Raz Hadbarot - Exterminator
Modiin Resident. License no': 1283. No need to move things Green materials Special extermination treatments for pet owners Spraying before events Special treatment against mice Innovative treatment to prevent ants Termites extermination Sna
10% Off Extermination Services!
Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi Rechimi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
Modiin General
Including appliance sale and renovation. One call could save you hundreds of shekels! Call before you replace an appliance. Authorized technician with 25 years of experience in the repair of washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, f
10% Off All Appliance Repair Jobs!
The Key Man - Eduardo Your Personal Locksmith
Solomon Center
Experienced locksmith, 20 years in the field of doors and locks. New! Preparation of stamps within 30 minutes. Range of options! Gaining entry to locked houses and cars. Door repairs. Replacement of all types of locks and cylinders. Key-cut
10% Off Key Cutting!
Tuvia El'or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
20 year reputation in the city. Committed to the lowest price! Repair and installation service for all types of solar, electrical boilers (dudim) and electrical work. Authorized installer for the leading brands of solar and electrical boile
20% Off All Boiler & Electrical Jobs!
Yigal Taxi - 4-19 Seater Taxi Cabs & Minibuses
Modiin General
All types of journey, to any point in Israel, for any occasion: Ben Gurion Airport Special journeys Tours Events Transportation for workers School transportation Option for car seats Established over 40 years ago, offering modern and luxuri
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Honest Professional Craftsmanship American Licensed Master Plumber Over 25 Years’ Experience Quality Work Great Customer Service Excellent Diagnostician Clean & Efficient Reasonably Priced Satisfaction Guaranteed Ser
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