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All the car services in the Modiin Area in one place! Garages, authorized car service centers, car parts & accessories, towing services and so on...
Musach Shilat
Michal Seri
שרות מעולה! אדיב והכי חשוב אמין. בכל פעם שאני מגיעה לטיפול, אני יוצאת מרוצה.
Ilan Bason - Service Center for All Types of Cars
Gal Mor
מחיר הוגן, הנחות ומבצעים, שרות מהיר ומצוין
Autopia - Toyota Modiin Dealership
Yael Ella
אמינים, מקצוענים, משקפים הכל ללקוח לפני טיפול, אווירה נעימה במוסך, פינת המתנה משקיפה על אזור התיקונים, קפה טעים, אנשים טובים.
Liad Car Services (Oded Harati)
Shirley Sender
Fantastic friendly service. Repaired my 20 year old car promptly and efficiently at a fair price. Allowed me to remove repaired vehicle with out paying as it was closing time with the request to call next day to pay. The trust that I would pay later reflects the character of the owner that any repairs he did were necessary.
Modiin Tires (Tzmigei Modiin)
Ruthie Lerer Abitbol
The most trustworthy care service I've ever tried. So quick, honest and professional. It's a pleasure to go there any time I need help with my tires.
Gil Niv Service Center - Licensed Garage
Harry Rubenstein
Gil has been servicing our cars since 2003. I call him “the thinking mechanic.” They never start any work without contacting you first and letting you know what needs to be done and why and what it will cost. All the mechanics are personable and Keti the front desk administrator is lovely as well. I’m not going to say they are the cheapest, their prices are fair. But their work is guaranteed and you never have to second guess it. Trusty mechanics are hard to find!
Liad Car Services (Oded Harati)
Tal Muscal
עודד הוא ״המוסכניק״ הכי מסור והגון שאי פעם פגשתי . טיפל בשני רכבים שלנו ״והציל״ מספר פעמים. ממליץ עליו בחום .
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