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New Businesses on the App - September 2019 in Modiin

Fresh bunch of businesses that joined us lately & what they each offer you, including special deals.
Pizza Romi Modiin - Stone Baked Pizza
Elissa Gutterman
Delicious, fairly priced. Fresh. Ask for the sauces. Yum! Definitely going back.
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
Tami Yacobi Stern
תיקון מקצועי. איש מקסים ושרות מעולה. לא פגשתי עוד כזה בעיר מומלץ בחום
Pizza Romi Modiin - Stone Baked Pizza
Joanna Maissel
Amazing pizza. Best flavor. Great dough. Wouldn’t go anywhere else from now on!
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
Peleg Twito
שירות מקסים והחנות מכילה הכל! יצאתי מאוד מרוצה, ממליץ בחום
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
מאיר חן
בעל מקצוע הכי טוב בארץ....נותן פתרונות שאני בעצמי לא חשבתי עליהם, שירות ואדיבות מהשורה הראשונה, מחירים הוגנים מאד. לסיכום: בעל מקצוע אומן ויצירתי מאד!
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
Dali Sharon
מומלץ ! מומלץ! מומלץ ! רוצו ואל תהססו ל"ספיר תכשיטים " תקבלו יחס אישי ואדיב ! שירות מקצועי מהשורה הראשונה ! מבחר נאה ומחירים לכל כיס ! צורף אמן מנוסה ופותר כל בעיה בתיקון תכשיטים מניסיון אישי רב שנים ! מרבית מהתכשיטים שלי נקנו , נעשו ותוקנו בידיו האמונות והאומנותיות של מוריס ! ממליצה בפה מלא החנות הכי הכי במודיעין !!!
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
רוני הלוי
שירות מעולה ומחירים מעולים סוף סוף יש צורף מקצועי במודיעין.
A.D. Dlatot - Door Sale, Production and Supply
Jacky Sherman
I found Itamar on the ModiinApp. I'm so glad I did. His price was for a new door and installation was significantly cheaper than other quotes I received. His service was excellent and the door is great! It's a new door for the memad. Highly recommend!
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
Michal Green
מקצועי ומאיר פנים, וקלע בול למה שחיפשתי. תודה רבה ובטוח שאמליץ עלייך לכולם!
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
Debi Hazan
שירות, יחס ועבודה של מיקצוענים. ממליצה מאוד. מלאי מאוד מגוון במחירים אטרקטיביים
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
Sapir Hazansky
איש אדיב בעל מקצוע בין הטובים בתחום השרשרת שלי חזרה כמו חדשה.... יצאתי מאוד מרוצה ממליצה בחום!
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
Sunny Finkelstein
שירות נהדר, מקצועי , אמין ומחירים נוחים לכל כיס . ממליצה בחום
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
Eden Hazansky
שירות אדיב ומקצועי ביותר מחירים נוחים מאוד ממליצה בחום
Limor Professional Makeup
Bathen Zidki
לימור מקסימה, קשובה ועדינה והכי חשוב מקצועית מאוד! יצאתי מאוד מרוצה, ממליצה בחום 😊
A.D. Dlatot - Door Sale, Production and Supply
David Lasri
ממליץ בחום עבודה מקצועית ושירות ברמה גבוהה מאוד!
Pizza Romi Modiin - Stone Baked Pizza
Gil Bechor
כל פעם אני בא במיוחד מבאר שבע לאכול שם! הפיצה טעימה בצורה לא נורמלית והשירות רק מעצים את החוויה
A.D. Dlatot - Door Sale, Production and Supply
Yossi Dror
אמינות ושירות מעל המצופה. עבודה נקיה ומקצועית 👌 מומלץ בחום
Pizza Romi Modiin - Stone Baked Pizza
Aviv Layani
פשוט טעים, פיצה איכותית ושירות מעל ומעבר. מומלץ בחום!
A.D. Dlatot - Door Sale, Production and Supply
Barel Barmoha
מספר 1 אלוף עבודה מקצועית ומחירים אמינים!
Pizza Romi Modiin - Stone Baked Pizza
Matan Yamin
אכלתי בהרבה פיצריות, אבל זו הכי טובה בפער!
More Items
D-Pizza Modiin - Donna Center Branch
Donna Center
Top quality, Kosher LeMehadrin pizzeria. For menu click here! Using high quality ingredients, 100% mozzarella, and offering healthy salads, mini pastries, and of course especially delicious pizza! Catering services and gluten free pizzas al
Pizza Meals Including Delivery From Only Only 65 ₪!
Pizza Romi Modiin - Stone Baked Pizza
Modiin Center
Traditional hand-made stone-baked pizza, extra large! Modi'in's first branch of the pizzeria chain, founded in 1986. For the menu click here! Romi's secret dough and sauce continue from generation to generation, and are prepared meticulousl
Nutella Pastry / Garlic Bread + Cream Cheese for Only 5 ₪!
Sapir - Jewelry & Watches, Laser Engraving and Repairs
Modiin Center
Jewelry store offering a wide range of services, including laser engraving (exclusively in Modiin) for all types of jewelry and watches. Expert jewelry maker for all types of jewelry with over 30 years of experience. Services offered includ
Binyamin Meat Boutique
Euro Shops
For the price list click here! Offering a world of meat, where pleasure and professionalism meet in the smoker and create an unforgettable experience of flavors! Range of choice meats from Israel and abroad Line of top quality meat product
Deals on Fresh Chicken and Free Buns with Purchase of Burgers!
Barbecue Meat Package Deal for 10 People for Only 699 ₪!
Bug-Man - Pest Extermination Services
Modiin General
Managed by Yigal, license no. 1701. Green extermination services, with odorless, baby-friendly and pet-friendly materials. Approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Services for individuals, businesses and institutions. Pest con
10% Off Pest Extermination Services!
Doctor Clean - Home & Car Upholstery Cleaning
Modiin General
Managed by native English speakers - Ezra and Akiva Groskin. Removing stains and dirt of all origins, on all fabrics. Specializing in deep cleaning of: Carpets Couches Cars Mattresses Drapes Utilizing specialized hot water extraction vacuum
Doron Shirutey Derech - Mobile Car Mechanic
Modiin General
BS"D. Mobile car repairs services for car mechanics and electrics, with over 25 years experience. Guaranteed arrival time of up to 40 minutes within Modiin! 24/7 car rescue services (excluding Shabbat and Jewish holidays) Repairs and instal
Free Windshield Wiper Fluid with Every Car Service/Repair!
Dr. Bike - Mobile Bike Repair & Sales Services
Modiin General
Bike repair and sales services at the customer's home! Offering all the services you need for your bike, without leaving the house: Repair and sale of all kinds of bikes (not including electrical bikes), at all levels (children's, amateur,
HaChamama Shel Elizabeth - Art & Garden Therapy
Art and garden therapy for children, teens and adults who are struggling with their everyday challenges. Specializing in anxiety, anger management, low self esteem, depression, social difficulties and family changes such as divorce or loss.
Ready 2 Run - Running Groups
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
English speaker. Friendly running groups suitable for all levels of runners, even those who have never run before. Beginners course For people with no running experience. In a period of about 4 months, you will learn how to run 10K, with lo
5% Off Beginner's Running Group!
Roi Korach - Mobile Hairstylist
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Professional mobile hairstylist with 24 years of experience, available to come to your home to do your hair. Specializing in the full range of hairstyling services for men, women and children over age 12, with perfec
Shaana Wig Salon
Manufacturing and sewing of 'Kipot' wigs, sheitels, headband wigs and ponytail clips, and everything related to hair and hair extensions. Extensive experience of 15 years, with great success in the field, working with private clients as wel
Sport TEAM - Therapeutic Sports with Rani Hadar
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Unique therapeutic sports program, for personal and social empowerment. Contributes to muscle strength, upper body strength, improves attention and concentration and develops values ​​of respect for others, self-restraint and tolerance. The
Tefillin Halamish
Professional and Mehudar STaM institute, directed by Rabbi Daniel Halamish, an expert Sofer who has supplied Tefillin to many Torah giants. Services include: Tefillin Mezuzot Sifrei Torah Hidurim for Sefaradim and Ashkenazim For Bar Mitzvah
20% Off Children's Siddur!
A.D. Dlatot - Door Sale, Production and Supply
Modiin General
Sale, production and supply of entry and interior doors for your home or business, and special, innovative locking solutions. Personal consultation services in the customer's home. Emphasis on quick delivery times and prices without middlem
Interior and Entry Doors from Only 999 ₪!
Amit Yosifon - Personally Suited Makeup for Every Event!
Modiin General
Makeup perfectly suited to you, for every type of event. So you will feel both beautiful and comfortable with your look! Professional equipment, with the option to come to your home. Creating a comfortable and calm atmosphere, also on stres
Anatomic - Boot Camp Training for Teenage Girls
Modiin General
Empowering, focused and fun! It's not easy to pull teenagers out of their comfort zone, away from their smartphones and from their air-conditioned rooms, into the open air, to work out, raise their heart rates, work their muscles, and sweat
Anna Grooming - Dog and Cat Hairdresser
Solomon Center
Professional dog and cat hairdresser, graduate of the academy for dog grooming and care in Moscow. The haircuts are influenced by European styles and suited to Israeli climate conditions. During the visit with Anna, your pet will receive a
60% Off Introductory Grooming Session for Puppies!
Dr. Michal Kampf-Furman - Certified Therapeutic Expression & Art Coach
Modiin General
Expression and art therapy, to make better decisions, attain fulfillment and balance, and a feeling of self realization and tranquility. Two tracks are available for you to discover your own "new self": Therapeutic Expression and Art Coachi
Esther's Fitness - Individual & Group Fitness Training
Native English speaker. Licensed fitness instructor, focusing on fun, creative and challenging routines - in private and semi-private or group sessions for both men and women (separate or as a group) from post army, through post childbirth,
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