10% Off All Renovation work!
Gonen Home Renovations and Upgrades
10% off all home renovations and upgrades!* Call for more information: 055-9707499 *Work only. Does not include materials.
10% Off Radiation Testing & Consulting!
Avi Dahan - Radiation Inspector Certified by the Ministry of Environmental Protection
Special deal for ModiinApp users: 10% off radiation testing and consulting by a certified radiation inspector! Call for more information: 055-9704378
Free Deliveries of Georgian Food for Shavuot with Orders over 300 ₪!
7 days left
MaMitbach Shel Tea - Georgian-Style Catering, Hosting & Ready Made Food
Special for Shavuot! Leave some space for Khachpuri brimming with cheese, made to perfection. If you have already tasted it before, you won't leave it out of your Chag menu! On Shavuot you can create an entire table purely with dairy Georgian food,
50 ₪ Off Crafts Kaytana for Siblings!
Crafts Kaytana with Rina Itzuvim - Summer 2022 (Ages 6-12)
Sign up for a week of kaytana, and get 50 ₪ off for the second sibling! Call for more information: 055-9704856
Free week of Triathlon and Duathlon Training!
Triathlon Group for Children and Teens - Chug for Ages 11-17
Come and try out triathlon and duathlon training, with a free week of training, and with no obligation! For ages 11-17. Call for more information!
250 ₪ Off Chess & Life Skills Kaytana!
9 days left
August 2022 Kaytana with The Studio for Chess & Life Skills (Ages 5-9)
Special offer when signing-up by Shavuot 5/6/22 - 250 ₪ off cost of Kaytana! Call for more information: 055-9707576
20% Off Yoga Mats and More Deals!
My Bike - Bicycle & Sports Equipment Store
Now in store: yoga mats for only 59 ₪ (instead of 75 ₪)! Come and visit, or call for more information! For more great deals on yoga and pilates - click here!
5% Off Kitchen Upgrades!
Yairo Nagarut - Carpentry
Special deal: 5% off kitchen upgrades - refacing of kitchen cabinets! Call for more information!
50% Off Ant Bait Gel!
Bachar Center Hardware Store
Ant season is here! Ant bait gel for your home and garden now for only 45 ₪ (instead of 90 ₪)! Come and visit the store!
10% Off Extermination Services!
Tamar Hadbarot - Exterminator
10% discount on extermination solutions for all types of pests, for customers coming via the ModiinApp!* Valid on every transaction - no duplication of offers. Call for more information!
20% Off Children's Siddur!
Tefillin Halamish
Illustrated and inviting Siddur for your kids or grand kids for only 49 ₪ (instead of 62 ₪)! With group purchase for Ganim and Shuls - only 35 ₪! Call for more information!
10% Off Cutting Wood to Size!
Moshe Arfi - The Carpentry in Shilat (Flea Market)
Come and get wood cut to exactly the size you need! Now with 10% off wood cutting charge! Exclusive deal for ModiinApp users.
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