In Focus: Birthday Parties (1)
Over 30 local entertainers and venues for birthday party activities.
In Focus: Birthday Parties (2)
15 places where you can find balloons, surprises and supplies - including deals.
The New Greg & 15% Off!
Introducing Kitchen by Greg, the renewed branch in the mall - all info, menus and deal on entire meal included.
Last Day For Kids' Sign Up
Reminder: school and ganim registration for next year ends Wed 31/1.
Focus on Local Electricians
Over 10 local and licensed pros for electrcial work and how they can each help you.
Focus on Photographers
Over 10 options for you to choose from, each one and their own expertise, incl: video, stills, editing clips and more.
Car Parks in the Ma'ar
Category with 8 options for free and paid parking in the city center.
New on the App
Fresh bunch of businesses that joined us lately & what they each offer you, incl. special deals.
Focus on Plumbers
A selection of local pros for repairs, plumbing work and installation of baths, faucets, filters & more - including discounts.
Friday Tree Planting
The city's main Tu BiShvat tree planting event, this year in Nofim.
In Focus > Pharmacies
Full update of all opening times & locations of the pharmacies in the city, including the duty ones.
Food for Tu BiShvat
Focus on all the stores that specialize in dried fruit & delicacies for Tu BiShvat.
Personal Trainers in Modiin
Focus on options for instructed exercising privately or in groups, and in flexible locations.
Services for Retirees
Range of places in Modiin that specialize in providing services for the elderly, including cultural centers, classes, fitness training, homes, nursing care and more.
Searching Hairdressers
Focus on all the leading hair salons in the city, for quick reservation + 9 deals.
Breakfasts in Modiin
The best local places for a delicious breakfast or a good brunch, incl. menus.
Dog Parks in Modiin
Updated list with full mapping and information on all 13 parks. 
Sugar Paper Printing
Over 10 places in Modiin where you can get edible sugar paper printed for your cake.
Delis in Modiin
Category listing all the places in town where you can find deli foods - incl. 7 special offers.
In Focus: Ear Piercing
Newish category on the app, consisting of places in Modiin with options for first earrings, earrings for kids, medical earrings and more.
Car Body Work & Painting
Introducing all the garages that specialize in it and do it in-house.
School & Ganim Registration
All info and links for registration on the iriya website - from 11/1 until 31/1 (relevant for all gan ages, kitot aleph and zayin).
Want to Order a Pizza?
Quick link to all the pizzerias in town - incl. 9 great deals to choose from.
In Focus > Diet & Nutrition
Several local experts in the field + info re: a 90-day challenge for weight loss, fitness and healthy lifestyle.
In Focus > Beauticians
Over 30 local options, covering all types of treatments + 11 deals.
In Focus: Baking Products
Info about all the stores in Modiin and nearby that offer baking supplies and equipment.
Online Grocery Shopping
Introducing the Anglo 5Dakot.Com online supermarket, now offering deliveries to Modiin with quick and easy service of fresh products - opening deal included.
Clearance Sale of Furniture
The Shilat outlet branch of 'Tzora' is sadly closing down, now selling all stock at bargain prices.
In Focus > Gardeners
Selection of 11 local pros (& 5 deals) for help with all aspects of the garden.
What's in Moriah Center
All the stores in the center in one category with updated info and offers.
Ongoing Power of Attorney
A selection of over 10 local lawyers - including native English speakers - who are certified to carry this relatively new process, intended primarily for families with elderly parents.
Street Food in Modiin
Choice of over 20 street food eateries - from meat toasts to vegan hotdogs, and many more options: falafel, shawarma, borekas, fries, shakes, hummus, Mexican food, Tunisian food, sabich and more.
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