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Moving House - Movers & Packaging in Modiin

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Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Tzvi Goldman
We used Rami Movers this month, (June 2023) and we were extremely happy with their service. Rami came to our house, gave us a fair estimate and followed through. On the day of our move they came at the time agreed upon, were quick, very careful, efficient and courteous. Not only Rami but all of his workers, exceptional service and done professionally. I would use them again and recommend them to others.
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Esther Offenbacher
We used rami movers for the third time recently and I highly highly reccomend. Excellent American style service -super quick, efficient , thorough work and really cares that the client is happy plus great prices!
Shaked Logisti - Hardware Store
ליאת בן משה
טמבוריה מצויינת , יש בה תמיד הכל במחירים טובים. השירות אדיב ונעים
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Rivka Hadari
רוני אדם הגון ישר מגיע בזמן פתר את הבעיה ממליצה עליו מכל הלב.
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Shoshana Bar Shalom
After 1 phone call in evening, by next morning all my small odd jobs that had been waiting for months were again in working condition. He is very reasonable and a very pleasant person. I highly recommend him. Thank you Rony
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
חני דרעי בן גיגי
הזמנתי את רוני לתקן מזגן שלא קירר ביום חמסין הגיע בתוך חצי שעה ותיקן את התקלה ובמחיר סביר ביותר תודה רוני ממליצה בחום
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Uriel Samson
ממליץ בחום פתר לי בעיה בקלות יעיל ביוצר עם חיוך איש חביב ונחמד תודה רוני
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Rafaela Glasenberg
Great professional efficient movers! They packed up our kitchen so well and made sure to check everything with us every step of the way. They also picked something up for us from a different location. Came with two trucks and got everything done in one trip. Would definitely recommend them for your next move!
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Sara Swed
צוות מקצועי ואדיב, הגיע בזמן ועשה עבודה טובה. ממליצה בחום.
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Avner Houri
ממליץ בחום החליף לי את העינית במזגן שרות אמין ועובד נקי תודה רוני
Best Price Movers
Ruthie Craimer
Unsolicited recommendation for Best Price Movers!! They helped me out yesterday at short notice and were kind and strong and did a great job! And the price was very reasonable!
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Marina Gutman Abramovich
התרשמתי לטובה מרמי כבר בשלב שהגיע לתת הצעת מחיר. ביום ההובלה הגיע בול בזמן עם הצוות שלו. ארזו את הבית במהירות ביעילות ונזהרו על הציוד. היו קשובים לבקשות שלנו. מומלץ!!!
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
John Garcia
Rami movers are excellent and would recommend to everyone who has to move their household. They really take care of your goods and make sure of no damage. Also very friendly and helpful. Absolutely top quality of service.
Best Price Movers
Catherine Gordon
These guys moved us today and were superb. We have a lot of stuff and they moved like lightening. They had started by 7.20am. They were on time, polite, logical, friendly and did a fantastic job. Nothing was too much trouble even though nothing but boxes fitted in the lift moving in. They even carried the heaviest piano ever up two stories with a smile when they made it and no complaints. The quote was fair and true and there were no suprises.
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Moving services for homes and offices at unbeatable prices! Professional work: carefully look after your furniture and possessions Courteous team of workers Move all types of items! From pianos to valuable objects Packaging and storage serv
10% Off All Moving Services!
Matan LeGova - Crane & Lifting Services
Modiin General
Crane and cargo lifting services for a wide range of uses, up to height of 22 floors, for both private and business customers, at unbeatable prices. Extensive experience in the field. Specializing in all types of physical locations, with pr
Movilei Reut
Professional moving services, highest standard of both service and safety. Providing moving services throughout the country, and specializing in moving apartments, offices, single items, pianos, and crane lifting. Offering packing and stora
Best Price Movers
Modiin General
Moving, packing and storage services. Moving house? Looking for a mover? You've come to the right place! Specializing in moving apartments and offices, small moves and crane services. Professional, reliable and courteous service. Personal s
10% Off Packing Services!
Brothers Moving Co.
Modiin General
2 Anglo bros, native English speakers. Extensive experience. Professional and courteous team of workers. Specializing in moving apartments and offices Packing and storage services Crane services Dismantling and assembling of furniture by pr
Chaim Hovalot - Mover
Modiin General
Professional and reliable moving services to all areas of the country. Range of services for an easy and efficient move: Large moving jobs Apartment units Disassembly and assembly of furniture Crane lifting services Packing and unpacking se
Jump Hovalot - Large and Small Moving Jobs
Modiin General
Are you moving? Congratulations! Specializing in professional moving services, with excellent availability, warranty, and service with a smile :). Variety of moving services, including: Big and small moving jobs Moving individual items Cran
Roni Handyman - Repair Services for the Home and Office & Small Moving Jobs
Your handyman in Modiin and the surrounding areas. Courteous, professional, and reliable service at fair prices, starting at 190 ₪. Licensed locksmith - home/car lock opening, door repair services. Cylinder replacement, installation of secu
10% Off All Handyman Jobs
Shaked Logisti - Hardware Store
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Hardware store stocking everything, at reasonable prices. All the solutions for your home so that you can maintain it easily, without worries. Offering a wide range of products, including: Paints and glues Plumbing and electricity products
Nir Levy - Handyman, Small Moves and Computer Services
Modiin General
A decade of professionalism - under one roof. High level English. Dismantling and assembling cabinets and furniture Hanging pictures, mirrors, televisions, curtains, shelves, glass shelves and more Installing lamps, ceiling fans and heaters

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