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Itzik Drori - Air Conditioning Technician & Electrician
Evelynne Cherny
Itzik spent a lot of time working out what would be the best solution to my air con problem. He researched a number of options for me, was patient in his explanations and finally installed the air con. He did a terrific job and was very polite. I would strongly recommend him.
CobraTec - Computer Sales, Service & Repairs
Paul Goldberg
Coby managed to fix my screen where no other places could. Coby gives a fast, professional, reliable, friendly and very well priced service. Would thoroughly recommend Cobratec for all you computer needs. 6 stars out of 5.
Pasta Basta Modiin - Italian Restaurant
Alon Steiner
פסטה טעימה. שירות מצויין. אפילו פינקו אותנו במנת בונוס. מומלץ!
Kona - Moriah Center Branch
Alon Steiner
Sponge Cleaning Company
Ehud Azriel Meir
חוץ מהניקיון היסודי והמדהים אני חייב לומר שגידי מביא איתו למקצוע הזה שירות אדיב, חייכני ובעיקר אמין, בנאדם שאפר לסמוך עליו במאה אחוז. לי אין ספק שאזמין אותו שוב במידת הצורך.
CobraTec - Computer Sales, Service & Repairs
שי שרביט
הגעתי לקובי לרכישת מחשב חדש בהמלצת חבר,השירות של קובי יוצא מן הכלל ומאוד מקצועי, מחירים נהדרים ושווים לכל כיס! מומלץ מאוד
Sponge Cleaning Company
Avi Levene
ממליץ בחום על גידי כהן, מקצועי, אחראי, אמין מסור ואנושי. כל מה שצריך באיש מקצוע.
Sponge Cleaning Company
Gilad Shadmy
תודה רבה על שירות מסור חם ואדיב, על המקצועיות והזמינות, קיבלתי שירות אדיב חם ואישי מההתחלה ועד הסוף, אשמח להפנות אליכם עוד לקוחות שבוודאי יהיו מרוצים גם כן, תודה רבה!!!!
CobraTec - Computer Sales, Service & Repairs
Tzruya Saidoff Iris
מקום מעולה, שירות נהדר ומקצועיות ברמה גבוהה. ממליצה בחום!
Sponge Cleaning Company
תומר גפן
"לא מתפשר על פחות ממושלם" זאת לא רק סיסמה! גידי כהן מנהל את חברת הניקיון כמי שמפקד על יחידה מובחרת. שירות ואמינות מעל הכל.
CobraTec - Computer Sales, Service & Repairs
Greg Salter
I got my laptop fixed in no time, and purchased quality accessories for my online business. I'm happy to recommend CobraTek to friends & family, and nice to have a friendly computer store with great prices. Thanks, Greg
Wash Your Car Modiin - Car Wash
Liora Saya Shvartzbard
מעולים!!!! מחיר ממש זול לשירות מעולה ממליצה עליהם בחום 💖 הרכב יצא מבריק ולא פספסו שום פינה
Ital Optic - Reut Branch
Gal Mor
עמית מאופטיק איטל הוא היחיד שהצליח להתאים לי מספר למשקפיים כך שראיתי השתפרה מאד. תודה מקרב לב
Sandra Soriano - Mortgage Consultant and Family Financial Adviser
Dorin Caustill Sagorsky
בעזרת סנדרה, הליך לקיחת המשכנתא הפך הרבה פחות מאיים ומפחיד, הרבה יותר ברור ומובן. סנדרה מקצועית, מלאת ידע והכי חשוב, מלאת אדיבות וסבלנות כדי לחלוק את הידע הזה! המון תודה סנדרה!
S.M. Ma'ayan Supermarket - Modiin Branch Lev Ha'Emek
דר' רקפת הדר גבאי
מחלקת הקצבייה נקייה ביותר הכל מסודר טיפטופ והסחורה טרייה ביותר בזכות מאיר. שרות אדיב. סחורה משובחת כל המחלקות
My Bike - Bicycle & Sports Equipment Store
Dar Haasz Cohen
אכן יחס אישי ומיקצועי מומלץ בחום
Yamit Levi - Expert in Eyeglasses and Contact Lens Fitting
Deborah David Solomon
ימית נותנת שירות אישי ומקצועי! המלצה מכל הלב!
IMC - Israel Mortgage Consulting and Financial Services
Jeremy Avitan
I choose my words wisely and don’t often say things like “beyond incredible” and “goes above and beyond,” but that is what you get with Eyal and IMC - Israel Consulting and Financial Services. His level of care and attention to detail is unprecedented. He truly treats your file as if it were his own and makes himself available whenever you need. I would HIGHLY recommend Eyal with the strongest recommendation possible!
The Key Man - Eduardo Your Personal Locksmith
David Zacks
מאוד הוגן ונחמד
Health Advize - Health Advice Made Easy!
Eddie Blanco
I needed medical advice on how I could get the Corona vaccine as a tourist in Israel. I reached out to private doctors, government agencies and contacts in the medical field. None of them were able to help me. I called Aviva and she patiently spent a lot of time trying to help me find a solution. It turns out there is not a policy yet for Tourists to receive the vaccine. She suggested I join Maccabi through their Tourist health insurance policy. This was a brilliant idea. It turns out if you are insured by Maccabi you can receive the vaccine. I highly recommend Aviva if you need medical advice.
Guy Motors
Yoni Bill Carson
Best mechanic and garage I have used in Modiin. Guy is knowledgeable and absolutely honest. Anglos can feel at ease if their Hebrew is not up to scratch as Guy and his wife both speak good English. Strongly recommend, as an engineer the professionalism is obvious as soon as you enter and see how the workshop is run.
Guided Tours with Actors at the Maccabean Graves - Chanukah 2020
Inbal Hacmon Alon
סיור קליל ומקסים, הילדים מאוד נהנו !
Pizza Romi Modiin - Stone Baked Pizza
Alon Steiner
פיצה מצויינת
INOUT Dlatot - Door Sale, Production and Supply
Leah Granof Geffen
Itamar was the only company who really took the time to explain to us the difference in door materials. He is excellent. We received exactly what we were expecting!
Bsmart - Smartphone Repair Lab & Store
Ofek Sigman
מומלץ בחום שירות מעולהה
Elcosec (Ilan Sultan) - Electrical Work
Zvi Adler
I recommend Ilan, hands down. The most important thing for Ilan is that you are satisfied and that he fixes your problem. He goes out of his way to do this. Personal anecdote, I was trying to get HOT installed and they gave me the run around and said I needed an electrician. Ilan came saw this, of course knew someone high up at HOT , called them on my behalf from my house and made sure that they came back to fix the issue. And a great guy!!
Pizza Romi Modiin - Stone Baked Pizza
Rachel Secly
הפיצה הכי טובה במודיעין
The Red Pirate (HaPirat Ha'Adom)
Devorah Robbie Tockar
Highly highly recommend! Served with a smile and after purchase service will have me coming back again and again!
Frohlinger Electric - Licensed Electrician
Yoni Bill Carson
Absolutely the best electrician I have used both inside and out of Israel. Honest, trustworthy, professional, and solutions focused there isn't anyone else I would consider calling.
Catering by Amichai Dimbort - Meat/Dairy
Gaby Steel
We want to thank עמיחי דימבורט and his great team of waiters for the great job they did with the catering for our son's bar mitzva. Amichai was a pleasure to work with especially during these times with so much uncertainty. He put together a delicious menu at relatively short notice. His staff were pleasant and efficient in serving the food to our guests. They were careful to follow the covid guidelines and kept their masks on at all times. Amichai was kind, calm and professional throughout making the whole experience more lovely!
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