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Plumbers in Modiin

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FIX - Plumbing & Dudim
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
No competitors in terms of pricing and service! Unblocking pipes and drains with electrical equipment. Locating pipe and sewage leaks. Installation of dudei shemesh and electrical boilers. Installation of special water filters. Replacement
10% Off All Plumbing & Dudim Jobs!
Erez Zahavi Plumbing Services
Certified plumber - licensed by the Ministry of Labor. Clearing blockages Installation of sanitary fixtures Repair of burst pipes Supply and installation of flushing systems Over 20 years experience in the field. Courteous service!
Gove Plumbing - Honest Professional Craftsmanship
Modiin General
Native English speaker. American Licensed Master Plumber Over 25 Years’ Experience Quality Workmanship Great Customer Service Excellent Diagnostician Clean & Efficient Reasonably Priced Satisfaction Guaranteed Services include: Residential
10% Off All Jobs!
Hagai Plumbing
Modiin General
Reliable and fast service! Opening of sewage blockages with advanced, professional equipment Repair of leakages Installation / repairs of toilet tanks Installation of taps Installation of bathroom ceramics Planning and installation of compu
HaInstelator Shel Modiin (The Modiin Plumber)
20 year reputation in the city. Courteous and fast service. Arriving within 15 minutes! All plumbing and sewage work for homes and buildings. Replacement of water and sewage pipes. Opening off pipe blockages. Replacement of monoblock w.c. s
15% Off All Plumbing Jobs!
Nir Raz - Licensed Plumber
Modiin General
Unblocking sewerage with water pressure pumps Supply, installation and service of solar and electric boilers Supply and installation of Monoblock systems Repair of burst pipes Assembling bathroom fittings Plumbing, sewerage work, and genera
Roni Plumbing - 24/6 Emergency Services
Modiin General
High level of English. Full warranty on all jobs. Modiin Resident. 24/6 emergency plumber at your service. Carrying out all types of plumbing work: Fixing leakages Fixing and replacing toilet tanks Fixing and replacing monoblock systems Ins
10% Off All Plumbing Jobs!
Shaul Plumber - Clearing Clogged Pipes & Fixing Leakages
Modiin General
Using revolutionary equipment to detect and locate leaks, and a new electrical device that clears clogged pipes. These sophisticated plumbing tools prevent unnecessary demolitions, and save you a lot of money. Over 40 years of experience. F
10% Off Clearing Clogged Pipes & Fixing Leakages!
Splinter Plumbing and Renovation Work - Expert in Detecting & Fixing Leaks
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Local expert in locating and treating leaks, using a no demolition method. Also carrying out a range of plumbing and bathroom/toilet renovation jobs, with professionalism and skill. Comprehensive solutions for anyone who's looking for a fas
The HandyMench - Premier Plumbing Services
Modiin General
Native English speakers. All types of plumbing jobs, with exceptionally dedicated customer service, and beautiful clean finish. Reliable, trustworthy, punctual and attentive, offering fixed prices, and a 'worry-free guarantee' on all work d
Extended One Year Guarantee on all Plumbing Jobs!
Anthony Rose - Modiin Plumbing
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Range of plumbing work and repairs, including: Clearing blocked pipes Location and repair of leaks Toilets and sinks Replacement and repair of taps Filter installation
Ashley Coleman - Plumbing, Water Filtration and Bathroom Design
Modiin General
British trained and English speaking. Over 20 years experience in Israel. Expert in water filtration systems, plumbing maintenance, repair and installation, as well as bathroom design and renovations. High quality, efficient workmanship wit
Bar Achzakot - Plumbing, Sealing and Drilling Services
Modiin General
20 years of dependable service and many satisfied clients. To see recommendations on the "Tov Toda" website, click here! Plumbing Locating leaks Unblocking blockages Increasing water pressure Installation of bathroom ceramics Wall hung toil
Cam's Aussie Plumbing
Native English speaker. Quality workmanship at competitive prices! Services include: Renovations and construction Maintenance specialist dealing with the installation, maintenance and repairs of all types of taps, toilet suites, shower outl
10% Off All Plumbing Jobs!
Eran Plumbing
Modiin General
Free no commitment consultation visits, and very competitive prices! * Checked and approved by "Yatzata Gadol" - proof of quality. Fixing leakages and visible or concealed toilet tanks Sanitary installations Repair of boilers and replacemen
Avi Handyman - Home & Building Maintenance
Modiin's top hanydman! High quality work, services and availability. Clearing pipe blockages Installation of taps Small renovation projects and kitchen demolitions Painting Insulation of walls, roofs and balconies Repair of electrical and m
Plumbing Jobs Starting at Only 149 ₪!
Ra'anan Satat "Golden Hands" - Painting, Sealing & Handyman Work
Modiin General
Painting of empty or lived-in apartments. Clean and tidy work. All types of household maintenance work: Repairing blinds. Plumbing. Assembling IKEA products. Fixing ceramics. Clearing blockages. Fitting taps (faucets). Installing lights and
10% Off All Painting, Sealing & Handyman Jobs!
Shachar Boilers and Plumbing Work
Modiin General
Expert on solar boilers (dudim) and systems. Fast and efficient service. Replacement of boilers and panels of all sizes Boiler heating element replacement Washing of solar panels Installation of boilers Repair of boiler electrical shorts Re
Ronel - 24/6 Sewage Truck
Modiin General
Emergency service for floods and sewage pipe blockages. Clearing blockages in sewage pipes in homes and gardens, using high water pressure from a 'Biuvit' sewage clearing truck. Pumping of water and sewage from floods Pumping water from she
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