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Creativity, Workshops & Activities in Modiin

Wide range of options in the Modiin area to get creative. Including mosaic, pottery, jewellery, fimo, baking, flowers and more!
Saba Moti - Wooden Doll Building Workshops
Evelynne Cherny
Enjoyed making a wooden doll with Saba Moti and my two granddaughters. Saba Moti is patient, explains well and helps both adults and children. The range of dolls and their equipment he has made for sale is amazing. A clever artist. Well worth a visit and workshop.
Rivka's Mosaic Studio - Mosaic Chug in Modiin
Talma Kfir
ממליצה מאוד על החוג אצל רבקה. שפע של חומרים, אווירה נחמדה ורגועה. ורבקה מקסימה ויסודית
Rivka's Mosaic Studio - Mosaic Chug in Modiin
Miriam Gordon Nabel
רבקה יצירתית,יסודית ,עבודות מקסימות. יופי של חוג!
DreamSmith - Custom Handmade Jewelry
איתן אשכנזי
קניתי מס' תכשיטים אצל שרון. תמיד קיבלתי תכשיטים באיכות הכי גבוהה עם דיוק בפרטים הקטנים, תמיד עם חיוך ומחירים טובים. ממליץ בחום
DreamSmith - Custom Handmade Jewelry
צביקה יצחקי
חלום צרוף - בראשות שרון אור, עסק מקצועי ואיכותי ביותר!!! מפגש האומנות והיצירתיות עם מקצוענית ברמה גבוהה!!!!!!!
Ayala Dagan - Chocolate Maker
Michal Satyon
לפרלינים של איילה דגן יש טעם גן עדן, מומלצים כמתנה לחג, פינוק ליום הולדת. ואם מתחשק לכם לחוות סדנא של הכנת פרלינים הגעתם למקום הנכון
Modiin Drawing & Art Studio - Chugim for Children, Teens & Adults with the Artist Leo Sciretta
Reut Menashe
ממליצה בחום!! מקום מקסים ומקצועי מאוד , מאוד כיף ללמוד שם !
Asaf HaOfe - Baking & Cooking Workshops in Modiin
Modiin General
Anyone can create sourdough bread that looks as if it came straight out of a boulangerie in Paris, a pampering Italian meal, or incredible brioche. Join a three-hour workshop where all the secrets will be revealed to you, clearly and simply
Bonofait - Bakery, Dairy Catering, Workshops
For the full menu click here! Special home-based bakery with a scent of France, offering fresh pastries, croissants, quiches, cakes, birthday cakes and cookies - as well as catering services, and hands on baking workshops for adults and yo
Flower Arrangement Workshop with Yael Elbaum-Shain
Modiin General
Flower arrangement and flower crown workshops for groups of all ages and for a range of occasions: Creative and bonding family evenings Friends' meetup Interactive activity for workplaces (also for large groups). Workshops spanning ages and
HaSadna - Simply Create
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Now at a new location in Yishpro! Studio that is an enchanted kingdom of design and creativity! Come for a creative and fun activity in the open studio Join a guided workshop or chugim Celebrate a birthday or special occasion Organize a cre
Judita - Paper Craft Workshops
Paper craft (scrap booking) workshops for women and creative birthday party activities - for ages 7 and up. Suitable for women's evenings, Bat Mitzvas, bachelorette parties and more. Scrap booking workshops for women Creative activities for
KeYad HaDimyon
Fun activity for all ages, at any hour, any day: Hurry up and book your spot for Chanukiyah making workshops, already starting from 1/12. For workshop schedule send a WhatsApp message. Delighted to host the whole class for a Chanukiyah maki
Meshek Tzaban - Iza Pziza Dairy
Tal Shachar
Visitor's center and boutique cheese deli, with a wide range of workshops and tours for private visitors, groups and work places. Click here for recommendations! Family dairy and beauty spot located in the the Tal Shachar moshav, at the foo
Modiin Drawing & Art Studio - Chugim for Children, Teens & Adults with the Artist Leo Sciretta
Studio and painting workshops, free art and creative expression. Subjects: techniques, fundamentals, use of varied and different creative materials, encouraging lessons in small and inclusive groups with individual attention for everyone. T
Ranit Elkrief - Tzeva HaChaim Arts Center
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Painting and art chugim for kids, youth and adults by a Bezalel graduate, with extensive experience in professional painting and art instruction. Fostering creativity, emotional expression and fun experiences in the world of color. Whether
Rina Itzuvim - Fimo Craft Chugim, Gifts and Jewelry
Polymer clay (fimo) chugim and workshops, birthday party fimo craft activities, and sale of fimo jewelry and crafts. Chugim and Workshops Working with fimo helps develop fine motor skills, relaxes, and develops the imagination. Chugim and w
First Month of Fimo Sculpting Chug Free!
Rivka's Mosaic Studio - Mosaic Chug in Modiin
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Variety of mosaics Chugim for adults - Recognized for 'Gmul Hishtalmut' for teachers on sabbatical (institution code 3109). A place you can come to to create and spend your time pleasantly. Some come to clear their heads from the noise of d
Saba Moti - Wooden Doll Building Workshops
For info on activities over the Chanukah vacation - click here! Extracting a smile from wood! Master workshop and gallery, where blocks and logs of wood are transformed into dolls and playground equipment full of charm and humor. You are i
Sara's Studio - Jewelry Supplies, Jewelry & Judaica, Workshops & Repairs
Eco-friendly jewelry supply shop, with a great atmosphere, fantastic prices, and expert advice. Offering an eclectic mix of gemstone beads, findings, tools, boutique and handmade beads. Services include: Unique workshops for all ages and sk
Suruga - Cake Decoration Studio - Neta Aloni
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Baking and decoration of personally designed cakes and cookies for every type of event or simchas, weddings, bar/bat mitzvas, birthdays, conferences and more. Personally designed and branded cakes, meringues, candies, candy bouquets and cup
The Foundations of Jewelry Making - Course for Beginners
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Practical studies in a variety of basic metalwork techniques at Dreamsmith studio. Do you have a passion for jewelry? A desire to create? Patience? The studies are intended for women and men who want to learn the basics of jewelry making as
‭12/12‬ : ART & FUN - Creative Party for Adults
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
Painting, music, drinks and lots of laughs and enjoyment! Painting party in Heichal HaTarbut's Gallery: you draw the works of the great artists! No need for prior experience! Everyone can do it! With step by step instructions, even if you h
Artesana Glass - Hot Glass Workshops
Mevo Choron
Interactive and fun workshop for making decorative and useful glassware. Suitable as a family activity, get-together for friends, birthday workshop, Bat Mitzvah, company day out, mother and daughter workshop, and for anyone who wants to enj
10% Off Glass Workshop!
Ayala Dagan - Chocolate Maker
Modiin General
High-quality, hand-made pralines and chocolate workshops. The pralines and chocolate products are created and designed with love of aesthetics and of the ongoing search for new, special and exciting flavors. The pralines are created using t
Kfar Chashmonai - Reconstruction of Daily Life in Ancient Times
Range of Interactive and fun activities for children and adults, portraying daily life in the land of Israel in ancient times, including a guided tour of the sites of the reconstructed village. Suitable for families, birthday parties, schoo
10% Off All Activities!
Ma'ase BaBad - Sewing Supplies & Courses
The only specialized sewing supplies shop in the Modiin area. Fabrics, sewing and knitting supplies, accessories for curtains. Sewing machines. Private sewing lessons (for youth and adults). Curtains sewed to order, basic upholstery work.

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