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Kfar Chashmonai - Reconstruction of Daily Life in Ancient Times

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Range of interactive and fun activities for children and adults, portraying daily life in the land of Israel in ancient times, including a guided tour of the sites of the reconstructed village.

Suitable for families, birthday parties, schools, company and organization team building activities, groups of pensioners or Olim.

The site offers interactive educational activities for schools on Maccabean heritage.

The Hasmonean village is located on a hill overlooking Shilat near the large shopping centers. It presents a large-scale reconstruction of daily life in different time periods in Modiin.

Activities for families on Fridays, and school vacations

Tour includes:

  • Olive picking
  • Pressing the olives in the ancient olive press
  • Preparing bags of medicinal herbs and spices
  • Making oil lamps from clay
  • Demonstration of minting Hasmonean coins (with coin for every child)
  • Writing ancient Hebrew script
  • Feeding the goats, ducks and hens
  • Archery
  • Discovering the mysterious spring by striking the rock

Cost: 50 ₪ per participant (age 4 and up) in cash. Registration required.

Call for special prices for groups of 25 or more participants.

Interactive birthday parties

Celebrating birthdays like in the Hasmonean times (!) with guided activities, suitable for ages 6-12.

Party includes: Hasmonean show, olive picking and pressing, preparing bags of medicinal herbs and spices, making oil lamps from clay, demonstration of minting Hasmonean coins, writing ancient Hebrew script, feeding goats, ducks and hens and archery.

Lecture series - 'New Discoveries in the Modiin area'

Series of six lectures on fascinating new findings, yet unrevealed to the public, about the Modiin area, with geographer and local researcher Zohar Baram.

Option to sign up for individual lectures. Discount when signing up for full series.

For more information: 055-9704902

Tours for adults (for companies, organizations, groups from abroad and pensioners)

Get to know the way of life and culture of the Second Temple period, the Mishnah and the Talmud, as well as the story of the new settlement in the region and the legacy of the Maccabees from Modiin.

The activity includes a tour of the reconstructed buildings in the Hasmonean village of Shilat, to learn about the ancient working methods of the farmers of the Second Temple period, as well as the buildings that characterized every settlement.

Guided tours in the Modiin area

Fascinating tours with the geographer Zohar Baram, founder of the geographic-historic research of the Modiin area, presenting the history of the Maccabees and the Roman Empire in the region.

  • First tour: Bika'at HaNezirim, Churvat HaGardi, Kfar Chashmonai, the Roman stronghold by Maccabim, and Churvat Akad.
  • Second tour: The battles of Latrun in 1948, Alexandroni monument, the story of Mivtza Nachshon, Mitzpe Harel and Burma Road, Khan Te'enim, and the Bika'at site.

Lecture: 'What you didn't know about the revolt of the Maccabees'

History of the revolt and the Hasmonean state, with all details, not known to the general public.

The lecture is approximately one hour.

Suitable for high schools, organizations and companies, groups of Olim and pensioners.

Location for bride & groom photo-shoot or Bat Mitzvah 'book' photo shoot

Pictures that look like picture postcards, full of atmosphere against the backdrop of the ancient landscape in the village, the surrounding forest and nature views from the hill. Reasonable prices!

For a review on the English blog 'Israel - Best Trips' click here.

For interview with Kfar Chashmonai's founder and director Zohar Baram on the Zman Moreshet radio show with Shimon Gueta on Radio Modiin - click here

Call now for more information: 055-9704902

See you soon at Kfar Chashmonai!


Tours every Friday and during school vacations.

Birthdays and special tours can be booked for any day of the year, by prior arrangement.

  • Fridays, from 10:00 onwards

By prior registration!

For more details and to reserve your place, call: 055-9704902


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