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Places in Modiin for Company & Organization Team Building Days

Over 20 places in Modiin & the area for fun team activities suitable for companies and vaadei ovdim.
Saba Moti - Wooden Doll Building Workshops
Evelynne Cherny
Enjoyed making a wooden doll with Saba Moti and my two granddaughters. Saba Moti is patient, explains well and helps both adults and children. The range of dolls and their equipment he has made for sale is amazing. A clever artist. Well worth a visit and workshop.
Teatron Shir - Musical Performances for Simchas and Corporate Events
רלי ספטי מועלם
הצמד הזה הקפיץ את כל האורחים שלי במסיבת בר המצווה של בני. נתנו את כל הלב והנשמה וריגשו את כולם.
Emek Ayalon Ranch - Attraction, Chugim & Treks, Events & Kennel
Farrah Dobuler
We love this ranch!! We have had two Bat Mitzvah's there and go to their events every Sukkot and Pesach. The people who live there are the nicest.
Even Sade Horseriding Centre
Dafna Ben-Amitay
2 הילדים שלנו לומדים בחווה רכיבה. ממליצים ממש בחום!מדריכים מדהימים עם יחס חם ואוהב. הרכיבה תורמת ממש לילדים מעצימה אותם ונותנת להם ביטחון עצמי. יש הסדר עם קופ"ח אז גם המחיר ממש סבבה.
Ayala Dagan - Chocolate Maker
Michal Satyon
לפרלינים של איילה דגן יש טעם גן עדן, מומלצים כמתנה לחג, פינוק ליום הולדת. ואם מתחשק לכם לחוות סדנא של הכנת פרלינים הגעתם למקום הנכון
Even Sade Horseriding Centre
Adva Giladi
קיבלתי בחווה יחס אישי ומקצועיות ביחד עם חוויה מהנה, מומלץ גם לקטנטנים שרוצים לרכוב על סוס פוני/ מינאטורי ממליצה בחום!
Even Sade Horseriding Centre
חגית בן נר
חוות סוסים מושלמת. כיף גדול לילדים. מקצועיות וסבלנות. מקום מושלם גם לתרפיה ולחיזוק הבטחון וגם לחגוג ימי הולדת או לגיבוש משפחתי. אנחנו מרוצים מאוד
Even Sade Horseriding Centre
יעל גלסטר
מקום מושלם לבלות בו עם הילדים והמשפחה. הגענו קבוצה גדולה וכולם קיבלו את היחס והפעילות המתאימה. רכיבה על הסוסים טיפול בהם ובחווה. פשוט תענוג
Even Sade Horseriding Centre
אמיתי גלעדי
מומלץ ביותר לכל הגילאים!חוויה מיוחדת שלא תשכח במהרה! תודה לצוות המדהים על הטיפול המסור😀 אין ספק שנחזור בקרוב!
Even Sade Horseriding Centre
Amit Neumann
חווה מקצועית מאוד! אנשים מדהימים!!
Platinum - Conference & Event Production
Modiin General
Initiation and organization of conferences and professional seminars in Israel and abroad, marketing events, company recreational events, and incentive trips. Team building days, outdoor training, in Ben Shemen Forest, at Hayarkon Park, on
Sara's Studio - Jewelry Supplies, Jewelry & Judaica, Workshops & Repairs
Eco-friendly jewelry supply shop, with a great atmosphere, fantastic prices, and expert advice. Offering an eclectic mix of gemstone beads, findings, tools, boutique and handmade beads. Services include: Unique workshops for all ages and sk
Teatron Shir - Musical Performances for Simchas and Corporate Events
Modiin General
Musical story show accompanied by the guitar: from Eretz Yisrael songs to English songs (for dancing) and Italian songs - suited to the type of event. One-man show, or together with a group of professional musicians! Includes sound system.
15% Off Musical Performances for Simchas and Corporate Events
Zahala Farm - Horse Farm for Therapeutic Riding, Treks, Team Building & Birthdays
Mevo Choron
Family horse farm in the heart of Emek Ayalon next to Modiin, with breathtaking views over the orchards and fields. The farm offers a wide range of activities, including: Therapeutic riding Horse riding Chugim Horse riding treks for couples
Free Trial Class with Registration for Horse Riding Course!
Al Chavalim - Nature & Challenge Activities
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Specializing in unique nature and challenge activities for fun and team building days, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and birthdays, as well as attractions for a variety of events - for private, business and institutional customers. The activities take
Aladdin - Agricultural Farm
Kfar Rut
For info on activities over the Chanukah vacation - click here! Harvest celebration! Harvesting (= picking) olives, children prepare jars of pickled olives to take home, feed free-range chickens and rabbits, grind wheat into flour, prepare
Artesana Glass - Hot Glass Workshops
Mevo Choron
Interactive and fun workshop for making decorative and useful glassware. Suitable as a family activity, get-together for friends, birthday workshop, Bat Mitzvah, company day out, mother and daughter workshop, and for anyone who wants to enj
10% Off Glass Workshop!
Asaf HaOfe - Baking & Cooking Workshops in Modiin
Modiin General
Anyone can create sourdough bread that looks as if it came straight out of a boulangerie in Paris, a pampering Italian meal, or incredible brioche. Join a three-hour workshop where all the secrets will be revealed to you, clearly and simply
Ayala Dagan - Chocolate Maker
Modiin General
For info on morning workshops during the Chanukah vacation (ages 7-12) - click here! High-quality, hand-made pralines and chocolate workshops. The pralines and chocolate products are created and designed with love of aesthetics and of the
Free Chanukah Workshop with Booking of Birthday Party!
Emek Ayalon Ranch - Attraction, Chugim & Treks, Events & Kennel
Mevo Choron
For info on family activities during the Chanukah vacation - click here! Tourist ranch located in the heart of the Ayalon Valley, surrounded by greenery and with stunning views. Varied and well tended petting zoo for renewing the connectio
Even Sade Horseriding Centre
Kfar Rut
Positive and safe encounters between horses and humans! Western-style riding lessons Therapeutic riding lessons* Horse training Horse boarding At Even Sade riding stables you will meet a variety of horses and professionals, and learn from t
Flower Arrangement Workshop with Yael Elbaum-Shain
Modiin General
Flower arrangement and flower crown workshops for groups of all ages and for a range of occasions: Creative and bonding family evenings Friends' meetup Interactive activity for workplaces (also for large groups). Workshops spanning ages and
HaKaveret Beit Choron - Visitor Center, Boutique Store, Coffee Bar & Events Venue
Beit Choron
Center for beekeeping and honey production, boutique shop, coffee bar on Thursdays and events venue. Country experience in the center of Israel with guided, interactive tours that emphasize the importance of bees in the modern world, the pr
Free Tour of Beekeeping Center for Your Guests with Event Booking!
HaSadna - Simply Create
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Now at a new location in Yishpro! Studio that is an enchanted kingdom of design and creativity! Come for a creative and fun activity in the open studio Join a guided workshop or chugim Celebrate a birthday or special occasion Organize a cre
Hobby - Crafting & Jewelry Supplies, Workshops & Activities
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
New! Macarame workshops. Learn a range of techniques, including: macrame, disc, loom, acrylic necklaces, finishing and more! 90 ₪ for hour and a half workshop. For information call Linoy: 050-3703322. Seeking employees! Suitable for student
Kfar Chashmonai - Reconstruction of Daily Life in Ancient Times
Range of Interactive and fun activities for children and adults, portraying daily life in the land of Israel in ancient times, including a guided tour of the sites of the reconstructed village. Suitable for families, birthday parties, schoo
10% Off All Activities!
Meshek Tzaban - Iza Pziza Dairy
Tal Shachar
Visitor's center and boutique cheese deli, with a wide range of workshops and tours for private visitors, groups and work places. Click here for recommendations! Family dairy and beauty spot located in the the Tal Shachar moshav, at the foo
Mesilat Zion Swimming Pool, Cafe & Attractions
Mesilat Zion
Tons of attractions for a perfect family outing! 'Mesilat Zion pool - one of the top ten pools in the country' (Article in Achbar HaIr and the Marker) 'Best Pool for Kids' (according to Mako website) Partially shaded, half-Olympic size pool
Neot Kedumim Park - Attraction in Nature for the Whole Family
Ben Shemen
The only Biblical landscape reserve in the world, located halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This unique recreation of the physical setting of the Bible in all its depth and detail allows visitors to see life as it was lived by our anc
Ortal Tourism, Leisure & Events
Travel agency, specializing in vacation packages in Israel and abroad for the private and business sectors, including package deals, organized group travel, car rental and entry permits. Also organizing conferences, events, team building ac
Paintball To Go Modiin
Modiin General
Production and organization of unique interactive challenge activities for birthdays for children and adults, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, team-building days and any other type of event. A paintball game that is suitable for children as well as adults
10% Fixed & Exclusive Discount!
Kfar Daniel Swimming Pool
Kfar Daniel
Swimming pool with a family atmosphere, quiet and not crowded, including a half Olympic sized pool, shaded toddler's pool, 5 dunams of shaded grassy areas, and attractions: inflatables, billiards, football, table tennis. Swimming lessons an
Naale Pool - Country Club, Swimming Lessons and Party Venue
2019 Swimming season starts on 23/5. Seasonal country club located on the top of the hill in the Naale village, with a pastoral atmosphere and a breathtaking view. An experience for the whole family, with events, happenings, sports competit
Olivo Farm - Horse Riding Chugim and Birthday Party Venue
Ben Shemen
Riding lessons and therapeutic riding lessons for all ages (including preschoolers with miniature horses), on a pleasant and welcoming family farm surrounded by olive trees in Moshav Ben Shemen. Lessons take place once a week, scheduled by
Saba Moti - Wooden Doll Building Workshops
For info on activities over the Chanukah vacation - click here! Extracting a smile from wood! Master workshop and gallery, where blocks and logs of wood are transformed into dolls and playground equipment full of charm and humor. You are i
KeYad HaDimyon
Fun activity for all ages, at any hour, any day: Hurry up and book your spot for Chanukiyah making workshops, already starting from 1/12. For workshop schedule send a WhatsApp message. Delighted to host the whole class for a Chanukiyah maki
Dana Alon - Life and Business Coach
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Believing in coaching as a powerful, practical tool, that leads to personal development and excellence, and mainly to real results in practice. Personal guidance and coaching process - for managers and for all those who want to manage their
Hava VeAdam - Ecological Farm
Ligad / The Technological Park
The farm focuses on environmental and social education, and is located near Modiin. The farm functions as a platform enabling personal growth and contemplation on the deep connection between man and his natural environment. The farm's goal

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