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KeYad HaDimyon

Commercial Center, Dvoranit 9-11, Modiin

Fun activity for all ages, at any hour, any day:

  1. Opening hours for free painting on ceramic utensils - open daily from 10:00 to 20:00, Wednesdays and Motzei Shabbat until 23:00. Fridays 09:00-14:00. It is recommended to call before you come
  2. Mother-daughter workshop - fun clay workshop. Small, intimate group of up to 6 pairs, meeting for an hour and a half once every two weeks for six sessions, in which you will create with clay and of course paint. The workshop is guided throughout, and you enjoy joint mother and daughter quality time. What more do you need? Starting 25/11. Call for more details.
  3. Women's evening returns, and this time with "lace embroidery" - decorating utensils using a lace stamping technique in order to create interesting patterns. Tuesday 7/11 and Thursday 9/11 at 20:00. Price is 55 ₪ as usual.
  4. There is also a guided painting workshop this month, this time on a topic suited to the approaching autumn and winter - "Four Seasons" - paint utensils inspired by the seasons. The price of the workshop is the price of the utensil you choose to paint (starting at 50 ₪).
  5. There are final places left in the clay chugim for children. The chug takes place in a small and intimate group, working with clay and paint, learning and experiencing various techniques at a personal pace. Wednesdays 16:15-17:00. 250 ₪ per month (including everything). Call the studio to register.
  6. You have not yet thought about it, but Chanuka will soon be approaching... It's waiting just around the corner. Clay workshops to create your own Chanukiah will be starting late November and early December, so that there will be enough time to put them all in the oven and have them ready for Chanuka. So don't wait for the last minute. Register now! All the details are available at the studio.
  7. And more about Chanuka - hosting a "Bayit Cham"? All you need is Keyad HaDimyon's home painting kit - an hour and a half of quality activity, fun and creative, with everyone coming out happy. Click here for more details!
  8. Does your workplace have an unused budget for a team activity? Are you looking for an idea for ​​what to do with the budget before the year ends? Speak to Keyad HaDimyon for a lovely custom workshop, painting or working with clay.

You are invited to drop by, create and enjoy a fun and creative activity.

Take a look at the events calendar to stay updated on the various planned activities.

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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