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Emek Ayalon Ranch - Attraction, Chugim & Treks, Events & Kennel

Mevo Choron (see map).
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Tourist ranch located in the heart of the Ayalon Valley, surrounded by greenery and with stunning views.

About the various activities at the farm

Family visits and attractions throughout the year

  • Visits to the well-kept petting zoo, to strengthen to connection with nature, stroke and feed the various animals, dogs and puppies, giant tortoise, snake, guinea pig, parrots, camels, donkeys and more... Memberships available for unlimited visits to the petting zoo (by appointment).
  • Chagim festivals at the Ranch - during the Chagim vacations there are interactive happenings at the Ranch for the whole family, including workshops and attractions: goat milking and cheese making, world of reptiles, birds, hatchery, baking pitot on the Tabun dog training demonstrations and many more surprises.

Activities for groups:

  • Educational activities for schools and educational institutions - team-building challenge activities.
  • Fun and team-building activities for companies - leadership and teamwork workshops, conferences, lectures and more.

For individual and group activities: Eviatar 054-6155458

Dog pension

  • Professional dog kennel offering boarding, with roomy compartments and outdoor areas, walks and treats, and of course also training and hairdressing.

For details: Shmulik 050-2050825

> Chugim

  • Professional dog training chugim (starting after the chagim) for all ages.
  • Professional therapy - using dogs to help treat emotional, cognitive and social problems, and more.
  • Treatment for fear of dogs - gradual exposure to dogs by a professional and skilled team, exposure to a variety of different types of dogs and teaching skills to cope with the fear.

For details: Shmulik 050-2050825

> Birthdays and parties

  • Birthday party packages that will give your child a unique birthday experience of nature and special animals. Birthdays include a tour or workshops and a dog training demonstration that will fascinate and delight the children.

Events complex - Yurt (huge Mongolian tent)

  • Suitable for all types of weather and all types of events (covered and air-conditioned) - Bar/Bat Mitzvah, conferences, birthdays and more. Includes option for full event production with unique content for your event.

For all events and celebrations: Shlomi 050-6371051 | Chiko 054-9829755

** Guided activities must be booked in advanced.

** Memberships available for free entry to the farm and Chagim happenings.

Driving directions: continue straight on route 3 after the turn to Mevo Choron, at the end of the Yeshuv fence enter a green gate and turn right onto the Yeshuv's patrol road.

For directions on Waze click here


Sun-Thu: 09:00-16:00, Friday and Erev Chag: 09:00-14:00.


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Farrah Dobuler
We love this ranch!! We have had two Bat Mitzvah's there and go to their events every Sukkot and Pesach. The people who live there are the nicest.
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