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Sealing & Waterproofing in Modiin

Selection of professionals in Modiin Maccabim Reut, specializing in waterproofing for homes and buildings, including sealing of roofs, exterior walls, balconies, locating of leaks, tarring and height work with abseiling.
Or Itum - Experts in the Detection and Fixing of Water Leaks
Modiin General
"If we don't detect it, you don't pay!" - guaranteed! Professional water leak detection with thermal camera, at a cheap and affordable prices, with no need for breaking walls and floors! Over 20 years of experience in the field, with a resu
Zohar Sealing - Roof Sealing and Tarring
Modiin General
Comprehensive and professional solutions for all types of damp problems - for roofs, buildings and shelters (miklatim). Over 40 years of expertise in roof sealing and tarring services. Wide range of professional jobs: Roof tarring Roof plas
Barak - Expert Sealing & Waterproofing
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Performing all types of sealing and waterproofing work according to industry standards, committed to providing comprehensive solutions and offering a 10-year warranty. Sealing of exterior walls, windows, tiled roofs,
5% Off All Sealing & Waterproofing Jobs!
Benni on Top - Sealing & Waterproofing Expert
Modiin General
Native English, and fluent Arabic speaker. Professional sealing and waterproofing expert, certified by the Israel Standards institute and by 'Michlelet Building', with a great love for the profession and over 10 years experience. Deep, expe
Fix Leak - Leak Detection & Pipe Restorations
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
The best and cleanest treatment for leaks - photographing, locating and fixing, with no unnecessary demolition! 40 years of expertise in the exact detection of leaks, using the most advanced equipment available. High sensitivity thermal cam
Yedey Oman (Yossi Avitan) - Building, Renovations & Handyman Work
Modiin General
Solutions for all your renovation needs - from building work, with high level finishing, to specific handyman jobs. Over 20 years of experience in Modiin. [phone] Call now for more information: 055-9704346 Services include: Renewal of showe
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Barel Leak Detection & Plumbing
Modiin General
No need to dismantle your whole home for one small leak! Fast and effective location of leaks, without excessive wrecking or mess! [phone] Call for more information: 050-8092780 Specializing in locating leaks and damp, with over 7 years of

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