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Financial Services in Modiin

Financial services in the Modiin area, from ATMs to mortgage advisors, banks to accountants.
Otsar HaChayal Bank Modiin - Branch 315 (City Center)
City Center (Ma'ar)
Banking services & ATM. Combined branch with First International Bank. Moved from Keizer Center on 2/11/20. Located on the corner of Fikus and Arar streets, opposite the Super-Pharm entrance to the mall.
Otsar HaChayal Bank Modiin - Branch 345 (Lev Reut)
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Banking services & ATM. Opening times were checked and updated Nov 6, 2022.
Sandra Soriano - Mortgage Consultant and Family Financial Adviser
Modiin General
More than 20 years of experience in the financial world, and more than 9 years of experience as owner of office specializing in mortgages and financing in Modiin. Service includes: Planning and identifying the elements of the deal Customize
Shoshi Almog - Book-Keeping & Tax Advisory Services
Keizer Center
Over 30 years experience in the field. Professional and personal service. Tax advice and book-keeping for the self-employed and for companies, deal with tax authorities, VAT, income tax and Bituach Leumi. Counseling and guidance for opening
Shulamit Noy - Tax Returns
Specializing in income tax returns for employees - on success basis only with no charge for opening file! "I submitted a request for a tax return for my pension fund that I withdrew, according to the instructions of the clerk at the Tax Aut
Tal Dil - CPA
City Center (Ma'ar)
Fluent English speaker. Accounting and related services, providing clients with top level service! Ranked at second place in Israel as Excelling Representative 2018 by the Mossad LeBituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute) among 5,618 of
Time For Change - Azrieli Mall Branch
Azrieli Mall
Monetary services: USA check cashing Money transfers to destinations around the globe Foreign currency at more favorable exchange rates than commercial banks and post offices, with no commission, including currency checking in special machi
Time For Change - Chashmona'im Branch
Monetary services: USA check cashing Money transfers to destinations around the globe. Foreign currency at more favorable exchange rates than commercial banks and post offices, with no commission, including currency checking in special mach
Turgeman Accountants - USA & Israel
City Center (Ma'ar)
Offering clients the highest level of professional accounting and business services for over 20 years, with personal attention and customized services for the needs of each and every client. The firm's staff includes accountants, tax consul
Change Modiin Center
Modiin Center
Currency exchange. Money transfer and receipt from abroad. Reliable and courteous service. The oldest money exchange shop in the area. Convenient location – right next to the banks. No commission Under the supervision of the Ministry of Fin
IMC - Israel Mortgage Consulting and Financial Services
Ligad / The Technological Park
Managed by Eyal Abramowitz, native English speaker. Experience & knowledge working on your behalf! Specializing in new mortgages, re-financing and commercial loans. Professional consulting services that will save you time and money, while p
Anat Ariav - CPA
The accountant you can count on. For companies and the self-employed. Providing personal reports, bookkeeping and tax advisory services (Ye'utz Mas). Personal and professional service. Financial reports and company balance sheets. Yearly re
ATM - Kipodan Makolet
Located inside the store. Run by Casponet.
ATM - Merkaz Renanim
Merkaz Renanim
Run by Casponet. Including a fee.
ATM - Modiin Central Train Station
Azrieli Mall
ATM - Moriah Center
Moriah Center
Run by Mizrahi Tefahot Bank. Cash withdrawal for customers of all banks. The ATM is located in the car park which is on the street level, next to the stairwell.
ATM - Ramat HaShachar Supermarket
Run by Casponet. Service fee of 6.95 ₪ per withdrawal. Located outside Ramat HaShachar supermarket, to the left of the entrance and the fruit & vegetable stand.
ATM - Solomon Center
Solomon Center
Cash withdrawal service. Not associated with any bank.
ATM - Sonol Petrol Station Shilat
Fee: NIS 5.90. Run by Casponet. Located near the tyre garage.
ATM - Super Tov Rabin Branch
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Fee: 6 NIS. Located outside the store. Run by Casponet.
Bank HaPo'alim Modiin - Branch 582 (City Center)
City Center (Ma'ar)
Banking services & ATM. Previously located in the Modiin Center.
Bank Leumi Modiin - Branch 680 (City Center)
City Center (Ma'ar)
Former Azrieli mall branch. Now located on HaRakevet street in the city center of Modi'in. Banking services & ATM.
Bank Yahav Modiin - Branch 116
Modiin Center
Banking services & ATM.
Blue Crown Capital - Mortgage Consulting - Refinancing
Ligad / The Technological Park
Native English speakers. Leading mortgage consulting firm in Israel, based in Modiin. Specializing in sourcing new residential loans and refinancing existing loans for clients living in Israel and abroad. Getting you the right type of mortg
Blue Crown FX - Wire Transfer Services
Ligad / The Technological Park
Native English speakers. Guaranteeing to beat the banks every time! Licensed by the Ministry of Finance to provide foreign exchange services to clients moving money to and from Israel. Please note: Bank/Wire transfers only, no cash or check
Change City Center
City Center (Ma'ar)
Variety of financial services for the general public and businesses. Operating with highest level of reliability and professionalism, while maintaining discretion, and providing personal and courteous service. Services include: Currency exc
Chen Noy CPA Office
If you are required to file foreign income, property or taxes IN ISRAEL, read on! Experience, knowledge and professionalism with personal service for businesses, companies, freelancers, employees and individuals. Focused and comprehensive
Discount Bank Modiin - Branch 303
Azrieli Mall
Banking services & ATM.
Eli Sela - CPA
Ligad / The Technological Park
Professionalism, knowledge and experience at your service. The office provides professional services in the following areas: Financial reports for companies and non-profits. Yearly reports for the self-employed, and employees who are requir
Eytanim City - Mortgage Consultant
Modiin General
Specialzing in mortgage consulting, and guaranteeing you peace of mind, security and significant financial savings, both in the process of obtaining new mortgages, and for existing mortgage holders. Providing all the solutions you need: New
First International Bank Modiin - Branch 128 (City Center)
City Center (Ma'ar)
Banking services & ATM. Combined branch with Otsar HaChayal Bank. Moved from Dona Center on 2/11/20. Located on the corner of Fikus and Arar streets, opposite the Super-Pharm entrance to the mall.
Gash - Geta Shimon Tax Advice & Bookkeeping
Keizer Center
Personal, professional and courteous service for companies and the self-employed. The company's staff includes both tax advisors and bookkeepers. New at the office! Capital gains tax returns for real estate (החזרים ממס שבח מקרקעין). Areas o
Grossman & Co. CPA
Ligad / The Technological Park
English speaker, specializing in Israeli and US tax compliance, tax planning and tax benefits for new olim. We believe in our clients' success, therefore we will do our best to provide you the best solutions. Our services include Israeli an
MasAmerica - Taxes Made Easier
City Center (Ma'ar)
Tax compliance and consulting services for anyone required by law to report to the Internal Revenue Service and all state and local tax authorities. Highly trained, professional staff that provides value-based, accurate and personal service
MASHKENTA.COM - Mortgage Consulting
City Center (Ma'ar)
Specializing in comprehensive mortgage consulting services. Providing financing solutions for Israeli citizens, new immigrants and foreign residents interested in purchasing real estate in Israel, and managing the entire process for you. Yo
Michal Shalom - Tax Consultant & Bookkeeper
Ligad / The Technological Park
'Your Success is My Business' Bookkeeping and tax consulting services for companies, self-employed and employed workers. Committed to personal guidance and service, reliable, discreet and strict adherence to deadlines. Bookkeeping for self-
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Modiin - Branch 521
Azrieli Mall
Banking services & ATM. Note! The opening times have changed, and the bank is now open in the afternoons on Mondays and Wednesdays (instead of Mondays and Thursdays).
Mordechai Elisha - Mortage and Financing Consulting
City Center (Ma'ar)
Mortgage consulting and bank financing solutions for private and business customers. Services are offered by an economist and industrial and management engineer, with extensive experience in senior economic positions in the government. Priv
Or Calcali - Financial Consulting & Mortgage Consulting
Modiin General
Lighting up the way to financial success! Specializing in guidance for families and businesses, on all financial subjects: Financial consulting and coaching for families Financial guidance for companies, specializing in increasing credit fr
Beit HaAshrai - Mortgages, Credit and Real Estate
Modiin General
The most cost-effective mortgage! Specializing in mortages, loans and credit for businesses. Savings of tens of thousands of shekels. Preferred interest rates and attractive terms. In-depth analysis of financial data and building of custom
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