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Equipment Rental for Events in Modiin

Variety of options for the rental of fridges, furniture, inflatables, games, tents, sound systems, lights, projectors linens and so on for a wide range of events.
Ohalei Modiin - Event Tents and Equipment Rentals
Specializing in the rental of all types of tents in all sizes - large, white, clean and tasteful tents, offering heating, shading, covering and partition solutions for your event, and most importantly, a decorous atmosphere. Also offering a
10% Off Tent Rentals for Events!
Dana Land - Activities and Equipment Rental for Birthdays and Parties
Modiin General
For a fun and unforgettable party! Years of experience in running events in Israel and the US based on original and fun concept kits for Britot and birthday parties from age 1-16. In order for you to host a fun and high quality party, based
Birthday Party Equipment Rental for Only 350 ₪!
Dash Eruim - Equipment Rental for Events
Equipment rentals to upgrade your event! Items for rent for all types of event include: Wood and plastic (Keter) chairs Long, square and round tables Stages Tents Mobile cold rooms Chest fridges and freezers Mobile air conditioners Air cool
10% Off Keter Plastic Chairs for Seder Night and Party Equipment Rental!
Golan Hafakot - Attractions & Equipment Rental for Events, Production of Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parties
Event production services and activities. Offering a wide variety of customized attractions for unforgettable events. The key to a perfect event - top level service, provided by courteous team with years of experience in the field of events
It's My Party - Bounce Houses & Entertainment Supplies
Modiin General
Making every event extra special! It's My Party bounce houses and entertainment supplies offers you a wide variety of choices and styles that will make everyone excited! Whether it's a birthday party, family reunion, fundraiser, celebration
doctorClock - Music Recording & Production Studio
Everything musicians need in one place! The experienced production team, along with the studio's advanced equipment, will help you create your music, exactly as you imagined, whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out. The studi
25% Off Recording Studio Hours!
Igloo Garden Nursery - Balcony and Roof Garden Design
Kfar Rut
Design and installation of balcony and roof gardens using a unique system (Israeli patent), that provides the look of a full, well maintained garden, in an instant. Advantages of the system: Balcony and roof gardens that look exactly like r
20% Off Roof and Balcony Gardens!
Joe's Simcha Gemach In Memory of Netzer Acharon
Modiin General
Gemach providing chairs, tables, hot plates and urns for Smachot. In memory of the Netzer Acharon, Holocaust survivors who lost all their close family in the Shoah. They came on Aliyah and were killed fighting for Israel in the War of Indep

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