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Coaching in Modiin

Choice of over 10 coaches in the Modiin area providing coaching in the fields of parenting, ADHD, business, career, family and more
The Zone - Experiential English, Math Studio & Coaching for Children and Teens
Nira Refalovich-mantsour
אנחנו מכירים את לירן כ עשר שנים, מאז שלימד את בני הגדול( חייל).וכיום את הצעיר. האווירה אצל לירן רגועה וכיפית.קבוצות קטנות. שיטות הלימוד מתקדמות ונעימות. לצורך המחשה, כשהיינו בלונדון הבן הצעיר (12) דיבר אנגלית שוטפת ובביטחון רב. היה כיף לראות את תוצאות הלימוד עם לירן. גם קורס האימון של לירן בקיץ היה מעשיר ומעצים. מומלץ מאוד
The Zone - Experiential English, Math Studio & Coaching for Children and Teens
Michal Shoolman
מניסיון של 3 בנים (הגדול כבר אחרי סדיר), אנגלית הם למדו בעיקר אצל לירן. באוירה משפחתית ונעימה, שיטות לימוד מתקדמות וכייפיות, בגובה העיניים ובעיקר בהנאה גדולה מאוד. לגמרי מורה לחיים:)
The Zone - Experiential English, Math Studio & Coaching for Children and Teens
Miri Fuchs
הבן שלי הולך תמיד בשמחה ללירן. היחס והאווירה נהדרים. השיעורים עוברים בהנאה שזה הכי חשוב, ותורמים להצלחה בלימודים.
The Zone - Experiential English, Math Studio & Coaching for Children and Teens
Liron Shaharabany
ממליצה לכולם לרשום את הילדים למרכז ללימוד אנגלית, לירן והצוות מקסימים, מקצועיים ומתחברים לילדים בקלות. הלמידה מתבצעת בקבוצות קטנות ובדרך חווייתית עם משחקים, מגזינים וחומרי לימוד יצירתיים.
Michelle Zucker - Career Coach
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Experienced and professional career coach with over 15 years of experience in Israel's hi-tech industry. Looking for your next challenge? Trying to get into the Israeli hi-tech market? Offering a range of services to
Sharon Almougy MA - Psychotherapist & Career/Life and Group Coach
Fluent English and Hebrew speaker. Offering therapy and coaching for adults and teenagers, specializing in providing support in the following areas: Anxiety of all sorts Depression and loss of meaning Bereavement Career challenges Relocatio
The Zone - Experiential English, Math Studio & Coaching for Children and Teens
Lev Reut Shopping Center
For info on the summer coaching course for kitot daled-tet - click here! Experiential English learning for children and teens, math studio and coaching courses. English learning for children and teens from Kita Aleph to Yud Bet Learning in
Free Learning Materials for the Whole Year!
Alana Stern - Life/ADHD Coach
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
RUN YOUR LIFE SO IT DOESN’T RUN YOU! Self-Management coach, specializing in the distinct ways that ADHD manifests in women and girls. Native English speaker. In this face-paced day and age, where we are bombarded with choices and informatio
Bella Shani - Supernanny-Style Parent Coaching
Modiin General
Getting you on the path to successful parenting and family life, starting from the first meeting! Tired of fighting with the children? Of the arguments with your spouse on how to raise them? Do you lose your patience...get angry...and then
Dina Arbel - Family Counselor
Modiin General
Expert in parental guidance using the Adler method. Does you child run the house? Not listen? Only make demands and never express any gratitude? Is there an atmosphere of tension and anger in your home? Does every conversation turn into a p
Dr. Michal Kampf-Furman - Certified Therapeutic Expression & Art Coach
Modiin General
Expression and art therapy, to make better decisions, attain fulfillment and balance, and a feeling of self realization and tranquility. Two tracks are available for you to discover your own "new self": Therapeutic Expression and Art Coachi
Hanna Barhum M.A. - Coach for Parents, Children & Teens
Modiin General
Emotional coaching for parents, children and teens ages 9-99, using the Integrative Coaching approach, allowing your world view to take on new meaning. 'You are where your thoughts are, make sure that your thoughts are where you want to be'
Hazel Brief MSW - ADHD Coaching for Teens & Adults
Native English speaker. Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCC) and Clinical Social Worker (MSW) for teens, adults and parents, helping them to improve focus, time management and inner peace. Specializing in stress and anxiety, relationship
Inbar Kirshinboim - Couples and Family Counselor
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Specializing in therapy for couples coping with their first child and those with teenagers, and the building of supportive communication for both couples and families. Counseling for young couples with their first child. Counseling and guid

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