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Exterminators in Modiin

Range of options for pest control services and spraying against all types of bugs, insects, rodents and birds for your home, garden or business
Raz Hadbarot
ארי גולדשטיין
I would like to highly recommend Raz Hadbarot, they solved a big problem of termites and mice that other exterminators couldn't solve, and were very professional! Helpful, nice and available, thank you, you are wonderful ❤️
Raz Hadbarot
ארז הורביץ
איש מקצוע מהמעלה הראשונה הגיע במהירות ופתר בעיית עכברים וטרמיטים הסביר בסבלנות ונתן מענה מהיר ואיכותי
Raz Hadbarot
Daniel Or
Highly recommended! Kind, professional, charming & punctual. Fully solved a problem that others in the field could not!
Tamar Hadbarot - Exterminator
Reut Caspi
מדביר מקצועי, הגיע בזמן, הסביר לי מה בדיוק הוא הולך לעשות בצורה נעימה ומובנת.
Eti Raichert Hadbarot BaTzameret - Extermination Services
Pia Glück
Efficient and professional service, responsible and accurate at times Eti is by far the best pest control company in Israel This is the 13th year this amazing woman helps out to provide me with a bug free home.
Ein Tikan Exterminator
יחזקאל צחר
אין יותר מקצוען ממנו
Eti Raichert Hadbarot BaTzameret - Extermination Services
Ruthie Lerer Abitbol
וואו אתי היתה מדהימה. הגיעה בזמן ועשתה עבודה נפלאה. פתרה את כל הבעיות שלנו עם חומרים שאינם מזיקים.
Eti Raichert Hadbarot BaTzameret - Extermination Services
Catherine Gordon
Eti was on time (slightly early and waiting for us), polite, did a great job and was easy to deal with.
Tamar Hadbarot - Exterminator
Modiin General
Extermination solutions for all types of pests, for homes and businesses. Certified exterminator (License No. 3376). Advanced ability to identify pests / parasites, and customize the right and most appropriate materials to treat the problem
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Yaron Hadbarot
Modiin General
Certified pest extermination services, including cockroaches, ants, ticks, rodents, fleas, bedbugs, termites, and moths. Using advanced equipment and quality products with high toxicity to insects and low toxicity to humans, licensed by the
Bug-Man - Green & Child/Pet-Friendly Extermination Services
Modiin General
Managed by Yigal, license no. 1701. Green extermination services, with odorless, baby-friendly and pet-friendly materials. Approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Services for individuals, businesses and institutions. Pest con
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Eti Raichert Hadbarot BaTzameret - Extermination Services
Modiin General
Managed by English speaker Eti Reichert. License no': 1980. Extermination services for all types of insects in the home and outside: cockroaches, ants, silverfish, mice, rats, flies, termites and moths. Specializing in fleas and ticks. High
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Madbiraz - Extermination Services for All Types of Pests
Specializing in extermination services for all types of pests. Safe pest control by certified and experienced exterminator. Services include: Pest control for homes / businesses Pest control for ants and cockroaches Rodent control for rats
Moshe Shirutei Hadbara - Extermination Services
Modiin General
Extermination services for all types of pests, including cockroaches, ants, flies and fleas. Dealing with pigeons and rodents. Providing extermination services for private homes, buildings, businesses and restaurants. Using only certified a
Nesher Pigeon Removal
Modiin General
Permanent solutions for your pigeon problem. Pigeons trapped in lofts Laundry hanging areas Roofs, roof tiles and gutters Balconies Window sills Railings * Modiin resident. Special prices for Vaadei Bait, using rappeling for tall buildings.
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Polish Shetef - Polish, Cleaning and Extermination Services
Modiin General
Professional, high quality, reliable cleaning and polish services at fair prices. All one-time cleaning services: Cleaning for new and old apartments, after renovations and after fires. Crystal or wax floor polishing. One time building clea
Michael - Pigeon Removal
Modiin General
Expert in permanent pigeon removal! Specializing in all types of methods for pigeon removal, with a range of effective and advanced solutions for the removal of pigeons and harmful birds. Service for the private and business sectors, includ
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