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Tel Ayalon

Park Canada-Ayalon, on black trail (Derech HaTamar)
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A Biblical mound which gave the park and the valley at its feet their name ("Ayalon Park", and "Ayalon Valley").

The Ayalon Valley became famous as the place where a solar eclipse occurred in the middle of a battle between Joshua and Canaanites (Joshua 10. 12: "Sun, stand still over Gibeon, and you, moon, over the Valley of Aijalon.").

During the time of the Crusaders a fortress was built on Tel Ayalon, named "Castellum Arnoldi", and later an Arab village by the name "Yalu" existed here, until 1967.

The ancient site has not yet been excavated, but a survey found the remains of the Crusader fortress on the spot.

In the valley east of the mound a spring house from Roman times can be seen, Bet HaKshatot ("The arched building").

Written by the archeologist and tour guide, Danny Herman.

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