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The Boulevard of Parks on Menachem Begin

Menachem Begin, Modiin

Three parks covering 50 dunams, including green areas with bike paths, walkways, vegetation, playgrounds, sculptural elements, shading and a maze integrated into the planning concept of the area.

The parks were designed as activity centers for children of all ages and for children with special needs.

Music Park

Shaded path with outdoor drums, voice tubes, xylophones, a piano and a drum set.

The piano and the drums are solar devices, that can be operated by the user and are powered by solar energy, giving the users a fun and creative musical experience.

The Colourful Maze and The Dinosaurs

Giant maze made of concrete and covered with special colored plaster. The area is a giant maze of more than a dunam, and is a unique attraction, the first of its kind in the city. In the heart of the labyrinth there is a zodiac signs construction.

In addition, this park contains a large sandy area with concrete play equipment in the shape of para-historical dinosaur skeletons, a head and tail, spine and bones of a dinosaur.

Next to it, under shading, there's another small area including standard ball throwing playground equipment.

Conch Park

The third park contains a large rubber-surfaced square with activity and climbing facilities. The square is surrounded by a rest area with pergolas. In the heart of the park there are two special areas: a small amphitheater with stairs, with an entertaining maze floor at its centre, and next to it a design element shaped like a huge conch, surrounded by seating areas containing concrete sculptures to delight children.


In addition to the park areas, the Chevra Calcalit has erected a memorial for the fallen soldiers Yitzchak Netzer and Nissim Shkuri, who fell in the line of duty, in this location. The original monument was damaged during the development work on the neigborhood and the valley. The memorial includes a respectful sculptural element, on which a memorial plaque with the names of the fallen was dedicated in July 2013, in a ceremony attended by representatives of the bereaved families.

Ganim and Youth Club Area

At the edge of the music park area, separating it from the other two parks, there is another area which is currently under construction. This complex will include a cluster of ganim and a youth club. The youth club will serve the youth of the Moriah and Shvatim neighborhoods. Students will be provided with ample space for activities within a significant distance from the neighborhood houses, allowing for extensive activity for youth with minimum disruption to residents. Construction work is expected to be completed during 2014 .

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