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Michal's Educational Tzaharon

Malibu and Nechalim area, Modiin

An experience for children, the perfect solution for parents, starting from Gan!

For Gan-aged children:

A special program with an emphasis on the child's personal development:

  • Exposure to a variety of materials.
  • Motor skill development (fine and gross).
  • Teaching tools for independent work.
  • Emphasis on emotional and social development.
  • Learning numbers and letters.
  • Preparation for Chativa Tzeira and Kita Aleph.

For school-aged children:

A varied and inviting learning center:

  • Tutoring / advancement in maths, Hebrew and English.
  • Tracking personal development in all subjects.
  • Personal instruction for every child.
  • Homework help.
  • Preparation for tests.

Enriching and home-like environment:

  • Lunches: homemade, varied, nutritious and kosher.
  • Chugim: baking, cooking, crafts, animals and theater.
  • 2 fully equipped game and viewing rooms.
  • Enrichment and learning center.
  • Ages 3-9.
  • Option for daily/weekly attendance during year and vacations.
  • Special gluten-free menu available.
  • The tzaharon is managed by Michal Ashkenazi (M.A. Law), graduate of Education Ministry developmental guidance course for infants and medics course.

English speakers welcome!


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