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Bella Shani - Supernanny-Style Parent Coaching

Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Getting you on the path to successful parenting and family life, starting from the first meeting!

Tired of fighting with the children? Of the arguments with your spouse on how to raise them?

Do you lose your patience...get angry...and then feel bad?

From 12 years of experience - it can be different!

In a focused and personally tailored process you will get all the practical tools:

  • How to get the children to listen and cooperate.
  • How to bridge disagreements between you.
  • How to 'educate' without punishments and anger.
  • How to manage your home with clear boundaries.
  • How to live in a calm atmosphere at home.

Call now for an initial, no obligation consultation.

Bella Shani - 12 years as parenting instructor certified by the Adler Institute, instructor for teachers and groups of parents in effective communication with children, certified supervisor for coaches, BA in psychology and education.



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