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Tzaha-Roniti - Tzaharon & Kaytanot

Avnei Chen (Keizer) Neighborhood

Registration for summer kaytanot, as well as tzaharon for next year has now started!

Tzaharon in a caring, calm and home-like atmosphere for ages 5+. A loving home that will receive your children at the end of the school day and provide a sense of calm and security for both your child and yourself.

  • Hot, kosher, nutritious meal.
  • Varied multidisciplinary art activities.
  • Help with homework.
  • Warm personal attention.
  • Collection of the kids from school and gan.
  • Up to 10 kids in tzaharon.
  • Summer kaytana in two sessions and solutions for days that parents have to go to work

The Tzharon works according to vacation schedule of the Ministry of Education.

Accepting children from the schools Darchei Yehuda and Avnei Chen, and from the Margalit, Chuchit, Barbur and Topaz ganim complexes.

* Run by Ronit Chever, art therapist, using art to treat learning disabilities, ADHD, aid growth and improve personal skills.

Extensive knowledge in caring for children, many years' experience in working in tzaharonim for big and little kids.

For details and registration contact Ronit.

Only 10 places, - reserve your place now!

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