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Chugim at the Maccabim Sports Center

Yisrael Peled, Maccabim
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Wide range of sport, dance, martial arts and other chugim for children and youth, led by experienced instructors:

  • Gym - for ages 10-14.
  • Capoeira - groups for ages 4-5, aleph-gimel, with Amit Yahav.
  • Judo - for gan, aleph-bet, with Eldad Ben Chorin.
  • Dance - for ages 4-5, aleph-gimel, with the 'Zooz BaMachol' dance school.
  • Gymnastics - for ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-9 with the 'Snunit' gymnastics and acrobatics school.
  • Soccer - for chova-aleph, bet-gimel, with Yonatan Avinoam.
  • Storytime - for ages 3-5, with Noga Shamgar.
  • Young Chef - for aleph-gimel, with Daniela.
  • Zumbatomic - for aleph-gimel, with Daniela.
  • Youth Zumba - for ages 11-15.
  • Yoga Kid - for aleph-gimel, with Shlomit Ofek.
  • Spinning - for ages 12-16, with Moti Rabin.
  • Tennis - for gimel-dalet with Avichai Tzeela's tennis school.


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