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Alona Jarden Facebook Site Building & Content Management


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Facebook is a powerful tool that allows businesses to build relationships with their potential target audiences and maintain their existing customers, at low cost.

Facebook enables the business to update its customers in an ongoing, informal way on its activities, images and atmosphere, and encourage customer involvement with its brand, products, services and the business.

Don't know how to set up a business page on Facebook? Having a hard time finding the right way to communicate with customers?

Alon Jarden is at your service to set up, build and upgrade business Facebook pages, and to manage pages and Internet content.

  • Social Networks - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube: Branding your business, communication with customers, leading users to your website, reputation management and customer recruitment.
  • Site promotion: organic promotion for your Facebook page, organic promotion for websites and landing pages, paid promotions.
  • Site building: site structure, site map, profile sites, template sites, landing pages.

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ModiinApp was started as a small project by 4 friends (three of us live in Modiin - 2 olim and 1 sabra), and quickly grew into the best source for information on local businesses and deals in Modiin. Everything we do is local and authentic. We hope you like it. Get in touch!