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18:15, 19:45 & 21:15 > Atmosphere [Free]

Grass area outside Heichal HaTarbut, Emek Dotan 49, Modiin

Recommended! Don't miss the final number. Duration: approx. 30 mins.

One man circus show with the circus artist Yaniv Teper. His clown character 'Yoyo' captivates the audience with plenty of personal charm and humor, in the research of 'air' - the same 'air' we breathe and take for granted. Without this 'air', almost every element in the show would not be able to exist.

Colorful hula hoops, balloon shapes and soap bubbles in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. From amusing and tense situations in 'aerial acrobatics' taking place on a huge aluminum tripod, to the hugest soap bubble in the world and getting into a gigantic balloon!

Funny and amusing show presenting a range of circus abilities with charm and sophisticated humor!

Suitable for all ages and audiences.

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Tue-Thu 18-20/10.

Every day at 18:15, 19:45 & 21:15.



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