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09/05 : Bilbi (Pippi Longstocking) - The Musical

Heichal HaTarbut, Emek Dotan 49, Modiin

Based on the famous book by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.

Pippi Longstocking - unruly, disrespectful, independent, fearless, generous and full of heart. Nine years old with red hair, freckles, magical strength and an inability to resist telling fantastical stories.

When Pippi isn't dancing with thieves who have come to steal her father's (a pirate) gold, she beats Samson the strongest man in the world at the circus, doesn't manage to understand multiplication or plays catch with the cops.

Pippi's joy of life and adventures causes as much trouble as fun, but a girl with a warmer heart can't be found.

Dressed in strange clothes, living alone in a house with a monkey and a horse, with incredible strength and fortune, she is the embodiment of every child's dream to be free and powerful.


Mon 9/5, 17:30.

60 ₪ from the website of Heichal HaTarbut, 70 ₪ on the day of the performance.


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