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Tzaharon at the Tzeva HaChaim Arts Center

David Elazar 4, Modiin
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A warm home for your child coming back from school and needing love, security and a listening ear. A personal, high quality experience.

Special emphasis on fostering the children's creativity, independent thinking, problem solving skills, and personal communication - as well as a lot of enjoyment and fun!

Art chug included in tzaharon registration, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, papier mache and sewing.

Includes collection from the Yozma, Yachad, Asif, Ramon, Keshet and Democratic schools, a holistic, healthy meal, and quiet time for homework.

110-meter space dedicated just to the children. Quiet play room, a space for using their imagination.

Managed by Ranit Elkrief, Bezalel graduate and certified therapist.

Limited to 12 children only, from gan age to kita daled.

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