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Ami Deutsch, Advocate - Family Law & Mediation

Modiin and Ramat Gan
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Specializing in family law, providing personal, professional and dedicated service, including representation in court, mediation, wills and inheritances, co-habitation, prenuptial agreements and divorce agreements.

Presenting cases in court requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the strategies utilized by the other party. The firm stands out in its ability to understand and correctly interpret different strategies, and adapt the management of the case in the best and most professional manner.

Mediation is a delicate process often requiring patience and listening skills, and finding the right solutions. Over the years, the firm has managed mediation processes that have benefited all parties to the conflict, preventing unnecessary wars in the courts, through a clear view of how the couple can begin their new lives separately from one another, and without the economic collapse of either of the parties.

Wills and estates are needed by many of us, who fear that after they have passed power struggles over their estates will ensue. The firm draws up wills that regulate how their estates will be carried out. In addition, the firm provides services for applying for probates and / or applications for probate orders.

In addition, the firm specializes in the management of real estate assets for non-residents, managing their main properties with an emphasis on property rental, maintenance by an external company, collection of payment and execution of legal proceedings against problem tenants, including the management of writs of execution (hotza'a lepo'al) against tenants / squatters.

Call now for more information or to book an appointment: 050-9003683

Advocate Ami Deutsch, believes that it is his duty, as a family law attorney, to be attentive and available to his clients at all times, at the highest professional level, as well as on a personal level, so that his clients know they are not alone and do not need to cope by themselves, and that they will be provided with the most professional help.


Sun-Thu: 08:00-13:00, Fri: 08:00-13:00 (by appointment).



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