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Shelly Sherman, Adv. & Mediator - Family & Inheritance Law

Beit Shimon - 5th floor, Azrieli Mall, Modiin

Expert in the fields of personal status, divorce, family law, mediation, divorce agreements, prenuptial agreements, wills and inheritances. Many years of experience in mediation, consulting and court representation in the field of personal status.

Holding a LL.B. from the Bar Ilan University Legal Faculty (1999), and qualified as lawyer since 2000.

From the offices of Adv. Danny Sherman, one of Israel's leading law firms in the field of family and inheritance law.

In 2013 the firm was ranked as one of the top ten firms in the country dealing with family and inheritance law, according to the 'Hachi Tovim SheYesh' supplement of the Ma'ariv newspaper.

Legal services provided by the firm to its clients include:

  • Representation in various civil courts in conflicts related to the firm's areas of expertise, family court, district courts, the Supreme court and Rabbinical court
  • Representation in negotiations/mediation
  • Managing mediation processes
  • Drawing up family documents (prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements and more)
  • Legal opinions
  • Comprehensive legal guidance
  • Consultations and more.

The firm was founded in 1996 by advocate Danny Sherman and represents a large range of clients in matters connected to family and inheritance, divorce, domestic harmony, alimony, property, prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements, custody, visitation arrangements, moving children abroad, disagreements about children's education, living arrangements, lawsuits between family members, protection orders, damage claims between family members, inheritance, wills, managing estates and more. The main office is located in Ramat Gan, Beit Noach, Rechov Jabotinsky 155, 055-9705009.

Adv. Shelly Sherman manages the firm's Modiin office. The office was set up with the purpose of offering the firm's services to the residents of the Modiin area.


Sun-Thu: 09:00-20:00, Fri: 08:00-12:00.


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