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Jenny the Midwife - Counseling, Guidance and Birth Preparation


Here for you!

Experienced midwife with lots of empathy for women, supporting, explaining, calming, guiding and helping to get you back in control through all stages of the pregnancy - pregnancy guidance, birth preparation, assistance at the birth itself, and processing the birth experience!

Services provided include option for refunds (hechzerim) from Kupat Cholim.

Pregnancy Guidance

Personal meetings throughout the pregnancy in parallel to Kupat Cholim pregnancy checkups, or counseling for all pregnancy-related questions.

Birth Preparation

Individual or group birth preparation for couples or women-only in accordance with the needs of the pregnant mother or the couple.

Interactive course in a pleasant and intimate environment, including natural advice and combining knowledge and practical experience from the field.

Also highly recommended for subsequent births. Can be combined with tour of delivery room. Including preparation for breastfeeding. Option for shortened (marathon) course.

Processing of Birth Experience

Highly recommended for women who had a traumatic birth experience, in a process that identifies points of strength to provide support in subsequent births or in general.

Assistance at Birth

Support and guidance of pregnant mother and partner during birth in all delivery rooms in the country. Present until end of birth, similarly to a 'doula' but with the knowledge and vision of an experienced midwife who is perceived by the medical staff as a colleague and a partner.

Mother of three, nurse and midwife with 7 years experience, working in the 'Ma'ayanei HaYeshua' hospital (with around 1,200 births per month), instructor for birth preparation courses and expert on natural births.

*Available at all hospitals except 'Ma'ayanei HaYeshua'. Working with another midwife for backup when needed.


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