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Amidor LTD - Experts on Home & Office Computer Infrastructure

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Computer infrastructure and network solutions for businesses and homes for over 15 years!

Nowadays, when the average home has more than 10(!) devices connected to the internet, a simple router provided by Bezeq or Hot is no longer sufficient!

That's where Amidor comes into the picture - setting up the most efficient and correct solution for you, with a preference for a wired Internet infrastructure (network wall outlets in every room - just like office networks), with standard outlets, without WiFi radiation and with reliable functioning for years, without using non-standard adapters and quick solutions that do not last, such as various types of repeaters, home networks working on electricity, HPNA and the like.

Special emphasis is given on the need to install a wired network for computers using, for example, graphics programs, media servers such as connections to television streamers (Sony PS, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon, Roku, Smart TV), installing network points and adding cables in an aesthetic manner that does not affect home design.

Full, reliable and fast coverage for WiFi reception in all parts of the home, also in problematic areas such as the 'mamad', basements, gardens, attics and even in remote living units.

Order a wired network today and save on the electricity costs, inconvenience, malfunctions and radiation associated with wireless adapters!



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