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Michal's Studio - Modiin Art Studio

Buchman (Moriyah), Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Drawing and painting chugim for Kitot Gimel to Yud-Alef, classes, workshops and summer art camps.

Children's Chug:

  • Pencil drawing
  • Charcoal and pastel drawing
  • Painting with a variety of paints and different color techniques
  • Painting with watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and more.

Emphasis is placed on individual and personal attention and space that allows each child his personal, creative, and internal expression.

Subjects are varied and chosen by the children, depending on their own style and personal preferences, from a vast range of options.

Classes are held in small groups, and are designed for both boys and girls.

The number of places is very limited!!!

Call for more details!

Taught by Michal Giat, art and special education teacher, who also does coaching through art. Michal has extensive experience in teaching art.

Timetable of classes for the 2018/19 academic year:

  • Kitot Gimel-Heh - Mon 16:15-17:15
  • Kitot Daled-Heh - Wed 17:15-18:15
  • Kitot Heh-Vav - Wed 18:15-19:30
  • Kitot Zayin-Yud Alef - Wed 19:30-21:00



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