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HaMivshala - BishiQ Boutique Brewery

HaAlon 26, Mishmar Ayalon (3 minutes from Yishpro Center)
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Unique Kosher restaurant, with quality beers and meats prepared on the premises.

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An 'all you can eat and drink'-style restaurant, offering a meal including 8 types of salad, 4 unique beers, 3 boutique wines, soft and hot drinks, and dessert.

Bishiq's beers are made from barley and wheat grains brewed uniquely according to an original recipe. At the restaurant, you will have a choice of five to eight different types of beer.

The wide range of quality meats is also produced on the premises, using aging techniques as well as smoking in a professional meat smoker.

It is possible to hold private events for up to 150 guests - such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays and private parties, or after a Bar Mitzvah celebration in Jerusalem.

All meat 'Chalak Rabanut':

  • Asada - Atara Chalak
  • Lamb - Chalak Machpud
  • Entrecote - Ashpar Neve Zion

Kosher under the supervision of the Gezer regional rabbinate. Level of Kashrut varies according to stock of suppliers.


The Basic Meal includes:

  • Range of salads: lettuce salad, roasted eggplant, house bread, house pickles, spicy olives, tabouleh, green salad with seeds, spicy carrots.
  • First courses: hummus with smoked meat, sinta carpaccio, falafel with herbs
  • Meats at the center of the table: beef asado, lamb spare ribs, smoked chicken, pita arayes, sausages with almonds and pine nuts, veal cutlets, sinta and goose breast skewers, entrecote steak.

Cost of meal: 285 ₪ per person.

Optional additions to basic meal:

  • Parve boutique desserts - 35-40 ₪
  • Goose liver medallion served on beef filet steak medallion - 50 ₪
  • Beef filet steak medallions - 75 ₪
  • Goose liver medallions - 100 ₪
  • Lamb ribs - 75 ₪

All all purchased additions are served once only.

Steak / lamb ribs meal:

Meal with steak or lamb ribs as the main component - 350 ₪ per person.

*Types of meat may vary according to supplier's stocks.

Price includes:

4 types of boutique beer:

  • Pilsner 5.2% alcohol
  • Bavarian grain 5.3% alcohol
  • Belgian double grain 8.2% alcohol
  • German dark doppelbock 8.3% alcohol
  • 2 types of wine: Brown Daniel Winery Petit Syrah and Merlot
  • Coca Cola company soft drinks
  • Dessert

Families with children can enjoy an early family meal between 18:30-20:30 (by prior booking).

  • Up to age 10 - 100 ₪
  • Up to age 15 - 150 ₪
  • Veggie / Vegan / Gastric band - 150 ₪.

To reserve a table and for more information call: 050-8090391

Family business, with emphasis on the highest quality, both in terms of ingredients used and on service, and on the bounty of food offered to diners.

Please enter into the farm up to the brewery.


Sun-Thu: 12:30-22:00, Fri: 10:00-15:00.

Accepting only Israeli credit cards, not including American Express.


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