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08/05-10/05 : Sipur Pashut - HaBima Theater in Modiin

Heichal HaTarbut, Emek Dotan 49, Modiin

Jewish classic based on Shai Agnon, written by Shahar Pinkas.

Blume Nacht, an orphan, comes to live at her relatives' home - Baruch Meir and Tsirl Horovitz - to find a roof over her head. The Horovitzes have one son - Hirshel. Hirshel falls in love with Blume, but his mother pushes him to marry Mina, the daughter of a wealthy farmer.

Hirshel is miserable in his marriage with Mina and his heart still yearns for Blume, but because of his weak character, he bears his suffering in silence, until he finally loses his mind and is moved to a recovery home in Lemberg.

When he gets better, he returns to his family. Based on the love for his sons and respect for the mother of his sons, Hirshel resigns himself to his life and turns into a generous husband involved in the life of his city.

Production by the HaBima Theater.


Mon-Wed 8-10/5, 20:30. 230 ₪.


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