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Zohar Sealing - Roof Sealing and Tarring

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Comprehensive and professional solutions for all types of damp problems - for roofs, buildings and shelters (miklatim).

Over 40 years of expertise in roof sealing and tarring services.

Wide range of professional jobs:

  • Roof tarring
  • Roof plastering
  • Professional sealing of roofs of any size
  • Waterproofing of tiled roofs with transparent epoxy material, without dismantling or lifting of flooring. 3 year warranty.
  • Sealing roofs using advanced and sophisticated bitumen sheets
  • Expertise in metal work for buildings, including the repair and replacement of gutters
  • Sealing for shelters and cellars
  • Sealing exterior walls and building cladding
  • Roof repairs: asbestos, shingles
  • Asfalt for parking lots

Full warranty for every job!

Professional, personal and dedicated service, combined with recommendations and smart, advanced solutions for a range of problems of any scope - complex or simple.

All jobs are carried out using top quality materials approved by the Standards Institute at the highest and strictest level in accordance with the law.

High standards of execution, with attention to both small and large details, adherence to timetables, exact work and finishing, throughout all stages of the project.

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Sun-Thu: 06:00-21:00, Fri: 06:00-15:30, Sat: 19:00-21:45.



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