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Merkaz Ksharim - Addiction Treatment Center

Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Treatment for parents and their children who are at risk of addiction.

A teenager or adult suffering from mental anguish, low self esteem, frustration as a result of learning disabilities and a feeling of social isolation will look for ways to relieve their inner pain. They may make connections with peripheral elements of society, binge drink alcohol, use soft drugs or exhibit inappropriate sexual behavior. In other cases they may use other harmful behavior such as unhealthy or uncontrolled use of computer or food as an escape route.

The decline can be stopped and the teenager can be brought back to a path where they can fulfill their potential, both academically and socially. But the process of dealing with it is not easy work for the parents or for the child, and requires a delicate balance between showing understanding and granting freedom on the one hand, and setting boundaries on the other. Because of this in many cases, the parents' sincere efforts to cope alone are not only ineffective, but actually achieve the opposite result.

Merkaz Ksharim's unique treatment method provides a new way of life for the teen and their parents, offers tools for coping with the threat of addiction, distress and pressures, and helps create a significant change in awareness and behavior in the life of the patients.

Services include:

  • In-depth diagnosis of the teenager's mental state and level of risk for addiction
  • Individual guidance for parents of teenagers
  • Individual treatment for teenagers
  • Adlerian parenting group
  • Guiding the teenager in positive challenging activities

The treatment is intended for people with high cognitive abilities, who did not see it fit to turn to the welfare services, and are capable of taking responsibility for their treatment and making a change in their life.

The center has proven experience in treating families from religious backgrounds with sensitivity and discretion while taking into account their unique characteristics.

Merkaz Ksharim's staff consists of professional therapists, social workers and psychotherapists with extensive and proven experience in treating youth at risk, and in parental guidance.

The staff is warm and empathetic and treats those seeking out its' services with sensitivity and discretion, creating the trust and feeling of inclusion that are so important for the recovery process.

You are not alone any more, and there is someone you can talk to!

Merkaz Ksharim's staff is here for you, to support you and lead you to a calmer life and healthy relationships with your children.



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