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Hagit Rosenstein - Children's Optometrist Specialist in Vision Therapy

Beit HaRof'im Specialists' Clinic, Azrieli Mall, Beit Shimon - 3rd Floor, Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Diagnosis and treatment of vision focus problems for children, that cause difficulties in daily functioning.

The service is provided within the framework of the team of specialists at Beit HaRofim in Azrieli Mall Modiin.

What is a vision focus test?

Vision focus tests check the functioning of both eyes. It checks whether the eyes work together or interfere with each other, and cause characteristic problems and symptoms, especially with close up work, reading, writing, copying from the board or from a computer, for example:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue and avoiding of reading
  • Covering the eye or squinting when reading
  • Skipping words or whole lines when reading
  • Slow and discontinuous reading (depending on age)
  • Red, burning or tearing eyes
  • Eye turning inwards or outwards, especially when tired
  • Distancing reading material from the eyes
  • Preference for a large text, avoiding small, dense text

If your child is suffering from the symptoms above, it is recommended they undergo a diagnostic test to check their vision and the coordination between their eyes.

The treatment, which usually takes about 3 months, combines treatments in the clinic and home with computer exercises.

Improvement is fast, very evident and stays with the child for the rest of their adult life.

The exercises train the brain center to understand the action of converging the eyes, improve the ability to hold the eye muscles in the desired position for long periods, focus the center of the body, the midline and eye hand coordination.

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Hagit Rosenstein has been part of the team of specialists at Beit HaRofim since 2017. She has held and optometry license for over 20 years, with 8 years of specialization in vision therapy.


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