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Dr. Irit Koren - Psychotherapist

Nachal Zohar 54, Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Psychological treatment for adults. Specializing in marital and interpersonal difficulties, sexuality, loss of meaning, anxiety and depression.

For many people, Corona has caused feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression and lack of belonging or connection to others. Corona has pulled the ground from beneath our feet.

This period may also have caused feelings of helplessness, detachment, and made you feel that you are not where you want to be in your life, or are stuck, and trapped in your relationship, work, or interpersonal relationships (parents, children, friends and community).

This feeling is not inevitable. If you have the passion and hope to grow, develop and feel happier with your life, you can, with a little help, create real changes in your life, and feel inner freedom.

Call now for a no obligation personal consultation: 050-8200569, or send a message by e-mail

Recalculating - therapy for people who are seeking change in mid-life.

Mid-life is a time when we are dealing with relationships (whether we have one or are looking for one), raising adolescent children, career, employment and aging parents.

All these challenges can create difficulties, frustration, and, often, a lot of pain. In depth therapy can alleviate the pain and assist in thinking of ways to position yourself differently, in a way that will ease the pain and create the change you want, on each of these realms.

Specializing in treating people dealing with:

  • Mid life issues: difficulties, challenges and crises that characterize this age
  • Significant life transitions
  • Challenges and crises in marriages and couplehood as well as in relationships in general
  • Issues related to sexuality, body image, and intimacy
  • Sexual identity and orientation
  • Aging parents
  • Dilemmas about work and career
  • Challenges related to adolescent children

The treatment enables physical and emotional space in which you can:

  • Understand what your desires are and start working to achieve them
  • Produce the change you want in life
  • Share and cope better with the sense of loneliness within or outside of a relationship
  • Discover how to achieve peace of mind and reduce the 'noise' and internal struggle
  • Develop, renew yourself, and feel free and capable of making your own choices
  • Go out into the world and be fully present and strong
  • Stop punishing and reprimanding yourself and begin to learn to look at yourself compassionately and positively
  • Receive professional treatment with a therapist who has experience and sensitivity to issues connected to couplehood, relationships and gender, transitions in mid-life, difficulties and crises.

Dr. Irit Koren is a psychotherapist with a private clinic in Modiin, specializing in individual therapy for adults from the age of 18, an advisor for therapists and students, instructor of women's groups, and lecturer on various issues related to gender, sexuality and femininity.

Native Hebrew and English speaker.

Call now for a no obligation personal consultation: 050-8200569, or send a message by e-mail


Sun, Tue , Thu: 11:00-16:00, Fri: 08:30-11:30.


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