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Tali Sorogin Clinical Dietician - Loop Out for Weight Loss

Irusim 66, Reut
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Stop dieting and start thinking differently.

"Hi Tali, it went great this weekend. I'm really on top of things. I started the week organized."

Eat from a perspective of what is allowed, not what is forbidden, from a feeling of abundance, not a feeling of lacking.

"Good morning, Tali. I'm photographing my weight this morning. I'm so happy I want to come to you today and share."

Enough with the calorie counting, challenges, pictures on Facebook that make us jealous, and enough with one disappointment after another.

"Tali, ever since I can remember, since childhood, I've been fighting to lose weight. You've put things in order for me, how and when and how much, and I can eat anything I like. It's not just any method, it's different, it's deeper. It works on habits and it works!".

Understand what motivates you to eat, what is controlled by your emotions, what is controlled by your mind, and how they can cooperate to avoid internal conflicts, to get out of the endless loops and stop feeling perpetual missing out and guilt.

"Good morning, hurrah, unbelievable, I've reached my target weight. What an incredible feeling."

Discover the Loop Out method, with different and unique therapeutic tools that break the magic loops around eating, weight and health.

Individual or group sessions for comfortable weight loss with Tali Sorogin, clinical dietitian, NLP and trilotherapy therapist , with over 20 years of experience.

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Sun-Fri: 07:30-14:00, Mon and Wed: 16:00-21:30.


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