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FC Hevel Modiin

Football Pitch Ben Shemen Youth Village | Lapid Football Pitch | Reut Football Pitch | Beit Aryeh Football Pitch
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A club that gives an opportunity and a platform for everyone.

The Hevel Modi'in football club was established in 2011 to allow all the children in the area to participate in competitive league games - something that is usually not possible, because there is not always enough space for everyone.

The club's motto is based on enjoyment, educational values ​​and mutual respect. Without pressure, and in order to give children self-confidence while playing.

Although the club represents the Modi'in Regional Council, it is open to all children in the area, regardless of location, religion, race or gender.

The activities and training take place in 4 different centers: Ben Shemen Youth Village (a proper football pitch where league games take place), Lapid, Reut and Beit Aryeh.

The club trains about 600 footballers aged 5-16, who play in a competitive setting and football schools.

The professional team consists of highly senior coaches, who are qualified to work with children.

In addition, as part of its regular activities, the club organizes many football tournaments, trips and training camps in Israel and abroad.

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