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City Car Modiin - Hourly and Daily Car Rental

Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago
50 ₪ Voucher for Hourly Car Rental!
Deal Ends 31/12

Exclusive deal for new customers!

Book a rental car now, for the date and length of time you need, and get a 50 ₪ voucher for immediate use!

With no conditions and no commitment required!

Car can be rented on daily or hourly basis.

Coupon code: מודיעין

*For new customers only.

Terms and Conditions Problem?

Carshare for hourly or daily rental according to your needs, with fast and accessible self-service 24 hours a day. No bureaucracy, no paperwork and no commitment.

Focusing on accessibility and innovation, with hundreds of car rental stations in dozens of cities, and a fleet of approximately 600 cars available for you.

Huge advantages over regular rental companies, based on significant differences:

  • Availability: Unlike rental companies, that limit customers to the branches' opening hours, City Car's fleet of cars is available around the clock.
  • Accessibility: No need to go to the car rental agency, vehicles are parked throughout the city and within the neighborhoods, also in growing cities like Modiin.
  • Registration: Easy, quick and one-time registration that replaces the tedious pile of paperwork of the old rental model.
  • Cost: Also offering good news for drivers regarding cost: no minimum rental of a full day, when sometimes you only need the car for a short and specific trip.
  • Flexibility: Flexible and personally suited rental with the option of hourly rental for maximum savings.

It's smartest to travel with City Car, especially in a growing city like Modiin, where there is always a need for a car, even for short trips to commercial and shopping areas.

Just register, book a car anytime and anywhere, enter the secret code sent to you via the app or to your phone, and drive!





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