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Autumn Tours 2021 at Neot Kedumim

Neot Kdumim, Route 443, between Modiin and Route 1 (see map)
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Fall is the ideal time to go out into nature, to breathe nature!

The first rain and the smell of plowed soil... The heat has not yet completely gone, but we can now feel a breeze and fresh air that only autumn can offer.

Come and enjoy a variety of fascinating autumn tours on Fridays:

Ish, Isha veGeshem - Friday 19/11/21, 9:30-12:00

About water stories and longing for rain in Israeli agricultural culture.

Guide: Mor Roth Sukenik, director of Hadracha department and tour guide.

Rain stories fill our culture, with a fascinating combination of anticipation and apprehension, a prayer for the success of the crops, and anxiety about untimely rain, floods and torrential rains. The tour will reveal the importance of rain and water in the Land of Israel as it "flows" from the texts and landscapes. Between restored water facilities and fields thirsty for rain, embark on a journey that connects humans to water - the source of life.

Cost of tour: 80 ₪.

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The previous tours:

Adam veAdama - Friday 29/10/21, 9:30-12:00

Tour focusing on sustainability, humans and the environment, and the ancient and modern connection between humans and the landscapes of their homeland.

Guide: Tali Algazi - senior guide and permaculture planner.

The earth tells a story, and we choose whether we want to listen. On this tour between plowed fields, meet humans as a model of the landscapes of their homeland, hear about the connection between humans and land in the Mikra, what is carrying capacity, monoculture farming and irrigated agriculture, the importance of the life cycle in the soil and what is compost (fertilizer).

During the tour you will get to feel the soil with your bare hands, make seed balls and create earth tools inspired by the nature around you.

Cost of tour: 80 ₪.

Sfat HaDerech - Friday 8/10/21, 9:30-12:00

About concepts, terms and expressions in the Hebrew language, that derive from the nature of Eretz Israel.

Guide: Dr. Sarale Oren - senior guide, one of the authors of "Rega Shel Ivrit" on the radio.

Nostalgic tour that delves into a world of concepts, terms and expressions, some of which are increasingly forgotten, but are still present in nature. Meet the nature of Eretz Israel and bring to life expressions that 'grew' from the earth. Through the work of the farmer, the grape grower, the shepherd and the plowman, discover the true roots of the language, which developed against the backdrop of the landscapes and daily life of ancient times.

Cost of tour: 80 ₪.

Seminar in Honor of Yitzhak Navon - Friday 5/11/21, 08:30-12:00

You are invited to a walking seminar in nature, focusing on Yitzhak Navon's love of the Hebrew language, culture and landscapes of Israel. At the center of the day will be the olive tree, one of the blessed crops of the Land of Israel.

During the tour, learn about the interesting botany of the olive tree, and deduce the connections to scripture, the Hebrew language and Hebrew poetry. Understand why olive oil is also called 'Yitzhar' and track the many uses for the oil, that are also expressed in language and proverbs.


  • Tour on a comfortable and easy trail
  • "Bame Madlikin" - walking lecture with Dr. Avivit Shviki
  • "The Power of the Olive" - ​​a theatrical monologue by guide and actor Ziv Bar-El
  • Light refreshments - coffee and pastries

No charge with pre-registration on the website



  • Friday 29/10/21
  • Friday 5/11/21
  • Friday 19/11/21

Tour start time: 09:30-12:00.

Tickets to be purchased in advance. Ample, free parking available.

Visitors' center. Easy trails. It is recommended to bring closed hiking shoes, a hat and water.


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