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Pablo Skurshinsky - Coaching and Therapy

Reut, Kfar HaOranim
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Clinic for personal and business coaching, as well as emotional therapy.

Areas of expertise:

  • Personal coaching - crises concerning life and relationships, overload, decision making, self-confidence and self-esteem, healthy life style, career change and more.
  • Business coaching for managers and the self-employed - starting a business, expanding operations and increasing profits.
  • Therapy - anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, support and guidance during life-threatening illnesses.

The training and treatment process has two goals:

  1. To enable you to get up in the morning with a smile on your face, and go to bed at night with a smile, and with satisfaction from your day
  2. To allow you to fulfill your dreams with minimal effort

The process is based on the view that everyone is responsible for their own quality of life, and everyone has access to joy of life, inner peace and plenty of energy, that most of us waste on dealing with stress, troublesome thoughts and unhappy feelings like anger, fear, frustration and taking offence.

You hold all the answers, and because of this, the process is built to support you and empower you, to listen to you and to ask questions that will lead you to the most effective and shortest path to success.

Sessions take place in the clinic (or by Zoom) and progress at your own pace. You will learn simple and accessible techniques for managing life - tools for reducing stress, managing thoughts and emotions, improving your ability to concentrate and creating measurable goals for success.

The process also includes support between sessions.

Education and experience: 13 years of experience in coaching and therapy. Graduate of certified coaching course from the Emotion School, graduate of yoga therapy course, yoga and meditation teacher.

Languages: Hebrew, Russian, English.

Call or contact by WhatsApp to schedule a no obligation introductory meeting.


By appointment. Sessions can be held a the clinic in Reut or Kfar HaOranim, or by Zoom.



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