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Yozma Ganim

Chativat Givati 31, Modiin
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The Yozma ganim framework is operated by Amutat Yozma, in collaboration with the Director of Education of the Modiin municipality and the Ministry of Education.

The ganim are located in a unique structure built by the Yozma community, that is especially suited to an educational perspective that encourages choice and space for self-expression, alongside educating for an egalitarian and diverse pluralistic society.

The Yozma ganim offer an educational approach for those interested in opening a window to the Jewish world for their children, through tradition and the culture of Israel.

The ganim combine Jewish tradition and culture with a modern lifestyle, in an atmosphere that allows every boy and girl to discover and question.

The ganim are run by a high-quality, professional pedagogical staff, consisting of a team of long-term, permanent teachers, who are continuously engaged in ongoing professional education during the school year and during vacations.

The whole family is invited to be part of the children's fascinating educational process, and the educational-community experience that strives for Tikkun Olam and social justice.

Yozma's educational system is a growing framework, inviting children from the age of 1.5, to develop and grow. It includes a nursery for ages 1.5-3, trom-trom chova ganim (age 3), trom chova ganim (age 4), ganei chova (age 5) and an elementary school (from Kita aleph to kita vav).

The ganim operate according to a limited vacation schedule format similar to the Ministry of Labor Me'onot, and end in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (nursery, trom trom and trom ganim). The gan chova vacations and end of school year are in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education, and there is usually an option to continue in a kaytana.

Each gan has 2-3 special content activities, such as: rhythmic music, movement, visits to the ecological farm, petting zoo, theater and stories from Jewish culture, folk dances and more.

The ganim also practice healthy nutrition.

Each gan also has special activities such as plays, musical performances, fun days, educational day trips (in gan chova), etc. In addition, events are held in a reform Jewish community atmosphere, together with the community rabbi - Rabbi Philip Nadel.

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Nursery hours

  • Sun-Thu: 07:00-16:00/17:00.
  • Fri: 07:30-12:45 (no Friday activities during July and August).

Trom trom and trom chova hours

  • Sun-Thu: 07:00-13:30.
  • Sun-Thu: 07:00-16:00/17:00.
  • Option for partial participation in Tzaharon (minimum 3 days).
  • Days and hours in Tzaharon can be updates on set dates, with the office's approval and according to the contract.
  • Fri: 07:30-12:45 (no Friday activities during July and August).
  • *Or in accordance with Education Ministry reforms.

Gan chova hours

  • Sun-Thu: 07:00-14:00.
  • Sun-Thu: 07:00-17:00.
  • Option for partial participation in Tzaharon (minimum 2 days).
  • Fri: 07:30-12:45.
  • *Or in accordance with Education Ministry reforms.

Office hours

Sun-Thu: 08:00-16:00.


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