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2019 Sukkot Events in Modiin - 17/10

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‭15/10 - 17/10‬ : 2019 Sukkot Festival at Emek Ayalon Ranch
Mevo Choron
Festival in nature - pastoral, Tanach atmosphere like only nature can offer. New! Launch of the reptile area - special and rare reptiles from throughout the world with special guidance from 'jungle boy' Yifrach Baking pita bread on the 'tab
‭17/10‬ : All-Night Camping at Mesilat Zion Swimming Pool
Mesilat Zion
Summer family experience! Overnight camping in the wooded area around the pool, with a movie screening and activities for kids. The activity is for families only Area for setting up tents, day and night swimming in the pool Movie screening,
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‭15/10 - 17/10‬ : Chocolate Circus - Chol HaMoed Sukkot 2019 Workshops
Modiin General
The chocolate circus has come to town... and you are invited to create chocolate delicacies inspired by the world of the circus. Come and prepare colorful 'Mekupelet' chocolate bars, caramelize popcorn, and prepare dreamy souffle, chocolate
‭17/10‬ : Lantern Tour of Givat HaBroshim - Chavaya Modiinit
An enchanting hill surrounded by pine trees - lantern tour of Givat HaBroshim with the Society for the Protection of Nature - Modiin Community. Take part in a tour and story, on a hill that once hosted the King of Jordan. See the Jerusalem
‭15/10 - 17/10‬ : Modiin International Circus Festival - Chol HaMoed Sukkot 2019 [Free]
For The full guide scroll down! Note - The program is exactly the same every day, apart from the 'Fish Park 4' stage, that on the first two nights features circus schools, and on the final night hosts a circus competition. The festival take
‭15/10 - 17/10‬ : Saba Moti Wooden Doll Building Workshops - Chol HaMoed Sukkot 2019
Extracting a smile from wood! This Sukkot, Saba Moti is opening his master workshop and gallery in his home for craft activity and display of the enchanting wooden dolls that he creates with great craftsmanship and love. The dolls are capti
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‭15/10 - 22/10‬ : Sukkot 2019 at Iza Pziza Dairy - Meshek Tzaban
Tal Shachar
This Sukkot learn how to make cheese! Come and visit a small, family-run goat dairy, just like in the old days, and see how easy it is to make cheese from milk! Come and sit in the Sukkah, and discover the answers to some secrets: Why did D
‭13/10 - 22/10‬ : Sukkot 2019 at Kfar Chashmonai - Between The Olive Trees
Fun program of activities for children and adults in honor of Sukkot. Special activity including a short talk on the sources of the Sukkot holiday, followed by a tour and activities throughout Kfar Chashmonai for the children, led by a loca
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‭12/10 - 22/10‬ : Sukkot 2019 at the Monkey Park & Sanctuary
Ben Shemen
Authentic and exciting African celebration, created by the Africana band, who will entertain the audience with songs, dacnes and stories! And also: Guided tours among the monkeys Extreme sports equipment for kids Gymboree Craft workshops
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‭15/10 - 17/10‬ : Sukkot 2019 Family Tours at HaKaveret Beit Choron
Beit Choron
Interactive tour that is sweeter than honey! A rare glimpse and fascinating tour about the importance of bees in the modern world, and the amazing story of honey bees, pollination and bee keepers. The activity includes: meeting the beekeepe

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