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Heating and Dudim

Best boiler technicians and professionals in Modiin Maccabim Reut, specializing in the repair, installation and sale of solar and electrical boilers, heating systems and more.
Chai Solar and Electrical Dudim Systems
Ayelet Meyman
תודה רבה ממליצה עליו בחור ישר ואמין בא ותיקן במהירות החליף גוף חימום ומאיץ
FIX - Plumbing & Dudim
Rhea Glassman Plosker
Bentzy helped me over shabbat. Seems like such a mensche!
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Iris Bar-Ner
אין לי מספיק מילים כדי לאמר עד כמה אני מרוצה מהשירות של יוסי !!! איש מקצוע סופר מקצועי והכי חשוב אמין . הגיע עם חיוך, בדק את הבעיה בסבלנות , הסביר מה האפשרויות ונתן מענה מדויק !!! איש מקצוע כמו שאנשי מקצוע צריכים להיות , תענוג !
AirFlow (Zev Grossman) - Airconditioning, Deep Cleaning & Dudim
Devorah Robbie Tockar
Zevi is great! Efficient, clean, kind and came within a couple of hours to replace our hot water tank! Highly recommend
Tuvia El'or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
David Gerecht
Punctual. Friendly. Professional. Tuvia came to our rescue when our Dud Shemesh didn't work. He came within hours of my phonecall, on time (!) and got to work straight away.
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Renee Lindemann Penn
Highly recommended. Just had the most amazing service from Yossi Grove, reasonably priced and such a gentleman. Came well prepared and with a warm personality.
Or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
Esther Zyskina
עובדים מצוינים, מהירים ומקצועיים ממש. הגיעו תוך שעה לאחר שהתקשרתי, איתרו את הבעיה בדוד תוך חמש דקות, תיקנו אותה תוך עוד כארבעים דקות. כל הכבוד!!!
Or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
Tzila Elgart
שירות מעולה, מקצועי, מהיר, עמידה בזמנים, מחירים הוגנים.
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Henry Fuerte
Yossi gives excellent service with a smile. He came prepared with all the parts and resolved all if our issues. He is a pleasure to work with.
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Devorah Robbie Tockar
Highly recommend Yossi! He comes well prepared with specifics that you may need to save time. He is friendly and so clean- you wouldn’t even know he’s been round. Competitive pricing and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!
Or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
Repair and installation service for dudim, electrical work and repairs. Fast, reliable service, 24 hours a day. Cleaning panels - 120 ₪. Replacement of heating unit - 100 ₪. Certified distributor: Chromagen, Amcor, Amisragaz. Owned by Gabi.
20% Off All Boiler & Electrical Jobs!
Teamgreen - Kerosene Supply for Home Heating
Modiin General
Supply to the customer's home of kerosene ('neft') for heating systems. 'Kamin' heating systems are currently the most common solution in Israel for the heating of private homes, that are not run though the air conditioner. The heating from
Tuvia El'or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
20 year reputation in the city. Committed to the lowest price! Repair and installation service for all types of solar, electrical boilers (dudim) and electrical work. Authorized installer for the leading brands of solar and electrical boile
20% Off All Boiler & Electrical Jobs!
Yaron Levi Chashmal Licensed Electrician - Electrical and Boiler Repairs 24/7
Modiin General
Providing emergency repair services, also available during the night, including repairs for boilers (dudim). Over 25 years of experience. Repair services for electrical problems and for electrical and solar dud (boiler) repairs. Specializin
Alon Dudim - Solar Boilers
Modiin General
Comprehensive servicing for Dudim (boilers), solar panels and solar heating systems. 19 years experience, second generation in the field of solar boilers! Repair, replacement and installation of all types of boilers and solar panels Care an
10% Off All Solar Boiler Repairs!
Aquazone Ltd. - Plumbing for Boilers, Home Pools and Water Filtering Systems
Plumbing services for private homes - solar heating systems (water heating), swimming pools, and water filtration and limescale prevention systems. Many years of experience, specializing in everything related to water filtration and improve
Chai Solar and Electrical Dudim Systems
Professional and skilled technician, with 30 years of experience in the field. English speaker. Servicing and repairs for all types of Dudim (boilers) Installation of solar Dudim, electric Dudim and solar heating systems Routine maintenance
Replacement of Dud Heating Element for Only 180 ₪!
Electrician for Solar and Electrical Dudim Repairs
Modiin General
All types of electrical work for solar and electrical dudim (boilers). Fluent English speaker. Repairs of electrical shorts for solar and electrical boilers Replacement of boiler speed heating element Installation of timers Modiin resident.
FIX - Plumbing & Dudim
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
No competitors in terms of pricing and service! Unblocking pipes and drains with electrical equipment. Locating pipe and sewage leaks. Installation of dudei shemesh and electrical boilers. Installation of special water filters. Replacement
10% Off All Plumbing & Dudim Jobs!
Merkaz HaChimum veHaMizug Modiin - Cooling & Heating Solutions
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Large showroom displaying a variety of cooling and heating solutions, including: air conditioners, underfloor heating, heat pumps, electrical/gas instant water heaters, deco heat, furnaces and more. The store also offers a large variety of
Pinchas - Solar and Electrical Boilers
Modiin General
Expert in repair and installation of all types of solar and electrical boilers, including washing and cleaning of panels. Certified electrician, Modiin Resident. Professional service, fast and dependable. Committed to the lowest price! Spec
15% Off All Jobs!
Shachar Boilers and Plumbing Work
Modiin General
Expert on solar boilers (dudim) and systems. Fast and efficient service. Replacement of boilers and panels of all sizes Boiler heating element replacement Washing of solar panels Installation of boilers Repair of boiler electrical shorts Re
Nir Raz - Licensed Plumber
Modiin General
Unblocking sewerage with water pressure pumps Supply, installation and service of solar and electric boilers Supply and installation of Monoblock systems Repair of burst pipes Assembling bathroom fittings Plumbing, sewerage work, and genera
Osher BaShiputz - Ronnie Osher Aharon
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Your way to a perfect home! 20 years of experience in all types of renovation and building work: Artistic plaster (geves) work Floors Plumbing Professional paintin Licensed electrician Carpentry and furniture construction Dudim: replacement
Sergey - Licensed Gas Technician for Infrastructure and Installations
Modiin General
Execution of all gas-related work and repairs, according to industry standards. Specializes in problem solving and installation of infrastructure and gas points. Professional and dedicated, no shortcuts. Fast, same day service. Installation
10% Off All Gas-Related Work and Repairs!
Yossie Gove - American Licensed Master Plumber
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Honest Professional Craftsmanship American Licensed Master Plumber Over 25 Years’ Experience Quality Work Great Customer Service Excellent Diagnostician Clean & Efficient Reasonably Priced Satisfaction Guaranteed Ser
Avi Turgeman - Licensed Electrician & Air-Con Technician
Modiin General
Your first call, also for emergencies. Trustworthy, professional, courteous, fair prices. Repair of electrical problems and short circuits Distribution boards – installation and repair Upgrade of electricity supply Garden lighting Electrici
Bar Achzakot - Plumbing, Sealing and Drilling Services
20 years of top quality, dependable service and many satisfied clients. To see recommendations on the "Tov Toda" website, click here! Services offered include: Plumbing Locating leaks Unblocking blockages Increasing water pressure Installat
Baruch Rubinchick Home Maintenance - Licensed Electrician, Plumbing & Renovations
Modiin General
Performing all electrical and plumbing work, as well as general home and building maintenance. Service oriented, professional and reliable. Over 15 years of experience. Modiin resident! Russian speaker. Free consultations. Committed to hono
Gershon - Master Electrician
Modiin General
Over 30 years experience. English speaker. Expert in fixing electrical shorts. Courteous, reliable and professional service. Solutions for overload problems Increase of connection to Electric Company up to 3x250 amp. Carrying out of all ele

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