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Electricians in Modiin

Local electricians that do repairs, installations and all kinds of electric work.
Osher BaShiputz - Ronnie Osher Aharon
ליונאל סבג
I am thrilled to recommend Ronnie for any construction or remodeling project. He recently completed a project for us, demonstrating exceptional professionalism and a diverse skill set encompassing electrical work, bathroom remodeling, wall construction, painting, and more. Ronnie provided excellent suggestions for optimizing space, delivering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. He was friendly, fluent in English (very helpful for us, new immigrants), and completed the project within the agreed timeframe and budget. I wholeheartedly endorse Ronnie for his expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.
Frohlinger Electric - Licensed Electrician
Bonnie Bachenheimer
Unsolicited endorsement for licensed electrician Eli Frohlinger. He just installed some ceiling lamps in the kitchen and salon and fixed some plugs for us. I cannot recommend him highly enough. - Arrives when he says he will - Fast, efficient and accurate - Knowledgeable - Comes fully prepared with all of the equipment and tools he needs - Native English speaker - Speaks Hebrew - Cleans up after himself - Fair prices and very friendly
Osher BaShiputz - Ronnie Osher Aharon
Simon Freeman
Roni has been our Kablan for over 4 years and has carried out a number of major projects for us. He is honest, completes work on time to the highest possible standard, offers fair pricing and is extremely reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend Roni.
Osher BaShiputz - Ronnie Osher Aharon
Susan Weintraub Leibtag
Ronnie was a pleasure to work with. He designed and built a beautiful cabinet for our kitchen and did a masterful job. We highly recommend him for any shiputz related tasks in your home.
Tuvia - Boilers & Electrical Work
Miriam Lasar Vanderiet
We had a great experience with tuvia. Came same day and fixed the issue immediately, fairly priced and good service!
Tuvia - Boilers & Electrical Work
אילנה קיי - Ilana Kaye
Tuvia said he'd be at us in 2 hours when we discovered that the dud was leaking. He got to us in 45 minutes! Quickly and professionally identified that we had a burst dud and got a new one installed expertly and cleanly within an hour. Highly recommended.
Itzik Drori - Air Conditioning Technician & Electrician
Evelynne Cherny
Itzik spent a lot of time working out what would be the best solution to my air con problem. He researched a number of options for me, was patient in his explanations and finally installed the air con. He did a terrific job and was very polite. I would strongly recommend him.
Elcosec (Ilan Sultan) - Electrical Work
Zvi Adler
I recommend Ilan, hands down. The most important thing for Ilan is that you are satisfied and that he fixes your problem. He goes out of his way to do this. Personal anecdote, I was trying to get HOT installed and they gave me the run around and said I needed an electrician. Ilan came saw this, of course knew someone high up at HOT , called them on my behalf from my house and made sure that they came back to fix the issue. And a great guy!!
Frohlinger Electric - Licensed Electrician
Yoni Bill Carson
Absolutely the best electrician I have used both inside and out of Israel. Honest, trustworthy, professional, and solutions focused there isn't anyone else I would consider calling.
Daniel Ben David - Licensed Electrician
Daniel Hendler
ממליץ בחום, עבד מהר, מאד מקצוען, מחיר יותר מהוגן, ללא ספק אקרא לו שוב במידה ויהיה צורך בכך וממליץ לכל מי שמחפש חשמלאי מקצוען ובמחיר מצוין. תודה!
Eyal - Modiin's HandyMan & Renovations
Aurelie Benizri
אייל איש מקצועי ונאמן, בא במהירות שיא, תיקן יותר ממה שהזמנו אותו ובמחיר יותר מבסדר! ממליצה עליו בחום ואהבה רבה
Tuvia - Boilers & Electrical Work
David Gerecht
Punctual. Friendly. Professional. Tuvia came to our rescue when our Dud Shemesh didn't work. He came within hours of my phonecall, on time (!) and got to work straight away.
Or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
Esther Zyskina
עובדים מצוינים, מהירים ומקצועיים ממש. הגיעו תוך שעה לאחר שהתקשרתי, איתרו את הבעיה בדוד תוך חמש דקות, תיקנו אותה תוך עוד כארבעים דקות. כל הכבוד!!!
Or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
Tzila Elgart
שירות מעולה, מקצועי, מהיר, עמידה בזמנים, מחירים הוגנים.
Avi Turgeman - Licensed Electrician
Jacky Sherman
Avi was great. He came when he said he would come. He was honest, courteous and did a really great job at a reasonable price. Highly recommend using him.
Elcosec (Ilan Sultan) - Electrical Work
Dudu Amar
אין אנשים כמו אילן!!!!!!! אתמול בשעות הערב המאוחרות פניתי לאילו מבלי להכירו ,הבחור לא התעצל וענה על כל שאלה ,הדריך אותי כרבע שעה בנחת ובסבלנות .למחרת הזמנתי אותו אליי הביתה ,בא לפני הזמן ,עשה עבודה מקצועית ,והכי הזוי שלא הסכים לקבל תשלום. ,כשהתעקשתי לשלם הפנה אותי להעביר כתרומה לנזקקים . אילן אתה מלך 🏆
Or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
נטלי מרציאנו-טלקר
גבי איש מקסים ומקצועי אמינות .שירות מעל הכל מחירים הגונים והכי חשוב ישר .כן ירבו צדיקים כמוהו
Elcosec (Ilan Sultan) - Electrical Work
Sivan Tzadok Kalif
ענה באמצע הלילה באדיבות, עלה על הבעיה במהירות ופתר את הבעיה מיד בשיחת הטלפון. תודה רבה אילן! כיף שיש אנשי מקצוע כמוך בעיר שלנו.
Tuvia - Boilers & Electrical Work
משה דואני
ביצעו עבודה מקצועית ונקייה. שירות מסור. כיף לעבוד איתם. המלצתי לחבריי ולמכריי לעבוד איתם והם הודו לי על כך.בעלי מקצוע נדירים
Gershon - Master Electrician
Inbal Rosen
מאוד מאוד ממליצה על גרשון חשמלאי הבית שלנו. זמין תמיד, מקצועי, אדיב, אמין, נחמד מאוד, מחיריו הוגנים..... בקיצור פשוט צדיק!!! אל תההססו להזמין אותו לכל בעיה. ענבל
Gershon - Master Electrician
Modiin General
Over 30 years experience. English speaker. Expert in fixing electrical shorts. Courteous, reliable and professional service. Solutions for overload problems Increase of connection to Electric Company up to 3x250 amp. Carrying out of all ele
Danny Bender - Certified Electrician
Modiin General
Native english speaker with 17 years experience. All electrical works, including: Moving electrical points Light fixtures Ceiling fans Garden lighting 3 phase connections Bathroom heaters Spotlights Shabbat clocks Clean, prompt and with fai
Erez Barhum - Master Electrician
Modiin General
The master electrician of Modiin, with over 15 years experience in the city. Licensed to carry out electrical work and plan installations of voltage up to three-phase 3x250 amp. [phone] Call now for more information: 055-9704996 Carrying ou
Frohlinger Electric - Licensed Electrician
Modiin General
Many years of experience in Canada and Israel. Prioritizing customer satisfaction. Modiin resident and here to help you with all your electric needs! Electrician's license number: 984844. Click here for testimonials from satisfied clients!
Solomon Electric - Yosef Solomon - Licensed Electrician
Native English speaker. Offering fair pricing, professional, courteous and reliable services to Modiin area residents and businesses. Repair of all electrical problems Upgrade of electrical supply Indoor and outdoor lighting solutions Insta
Yaron Levi Licensed Electrician - 24/7 Electrical and Boiler Repairs
Modiin General
24/7 electrical repair services for homes and businesses. Fast service for all electrical problems during the day and night. Available all hours for your call. Specializing in locating, mapping and solving electrical malfunctions. Common is
Baruch Rubinchick Home Maintenance - Licensed Electrician, Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Renovations
Modiin General
Performing all electrical and plumbing work, as well as general home and building maintenance. Service oriented, professional and reliable. Over 15 years of experience. Modiin resident! Russian speaker. Free consultations. Committed to hono
Certified Electrician for Electrical Work
Modiin General
Certified electrician for all types of electrical work: Location and repair of electrical malfunctions Repair of solar and electrical dudim Repair and installation of electrical trissim (blinds) Engines for electrical trissim Increase of el
Itzik Drori - Air Conditioning Technician & Electrician
Modiin General
Expert technician for the repair and installation of air conditioners. English speaker. Servicing of electrical appliances and refrigerators. Electrician certified to carry out home electrical jobs. Reliable, honest and professional. Certif
Or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
Repair and installation service for dudim, electrical work and repairs. Fast, reliable service, 24 hours a day. Cleaning panels - 120 ₪. Replacement of heating unit - 100 ₪. Certified distributor: Chromagen, Amcor, Amisragaz. Owned by Gabi.
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