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Appliance Repair in Modiin

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Adir Electrics - Store & Home Appliance Repair
חיים כהן
19/4/20 זמן קורונה, הייתי היום אצל חשמל אדיר עם מכונת תספורת שלא עבדה הבחור עם ידי האומן שלו תיקן לי את המכונה בסבלנות באדיבות ובמחיר הוגן אין עליך אדיר תודה רבה
Boris Electrical Appliance & Air Conditioner Repair Services
Maayan Leon
אמינות ושירות גבוה! מחיר הוגן ואנושיות... מומלץ!!!
SOS Claude Anton - Appliance Repair Service
Catherine Gordon
He has rescued our cooker, dishwasher, washing machine and even dryer over the years. So easy to deal with.
SOS Claude Anton - Appliance Repair Service
Aryeh Myers
Highly recommended. Efficient, honest, on time and a sensible price. What more could you ask for?
Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi Rechimi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
רפאל אהרן עמראני
יוסי בעל מקצוע מעולה שרות מהיר ואדיב מאוד ישיר ואמיתי נהנתי מאוד מהשירות שלו ואני ואישתי אמצנו אותו לכל בעיה
Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi Rechimi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
Rona Michelson
I called Yossi to fix my 21 year old Maytag dryer. He showed up quickly with a pleasant manner and professional knowledge. He intuited what the problem was and fixed it on the spot- even having the exact replacement part. It was a pleasure to have him here. I recommend him whole-heartedly!!
Moshe Kfir - Repair Services
Ruthie Lerer Abitbol
משה כל כך אמין ומקצועי. עונה מיד לטלפון ועוזר בהקדם האפשרי. He has come to our aid many times now and he is so great!
Moshe Kfir - Repair Services
Harry Rubenstein
What can I say about Moshe? He’s been fixing our a/c and refrigerator for as long as we’ve been living in Modi`in. Moshe is a wonderful guy, always finds the root of problem and fixes it in an expeditious and professional manner.
Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi Rechimi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
Jacky Sherman
Yossi gave us fantastic service. He turned up when he said he would and worked consistently to solve the problems of our washing machine. I would use him again and recommend him gladly!
Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi Rechimi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
דודי מלמד
יוסי טכנאי בחסד עליון. אמין ומקצועי, שזה הכי חשוב. בנוסף לכך יוסי אדם מאד נחמד. אני ממליץ על יוסי מכל הלב.
Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi Rechimi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
Modiin General
Including appliance sale and renovation. One call could save you hundreds of shekels! Call before you replace an appliance. Authorized technician with 25 years of experience in the repair of washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, f
10% Off All Appliance Repair Jobs!
Fixit Modiin - Repairs for Devices, Smartphones, Computers & Small Appliances
Modiin General
Native English Speaker. Get your electronic devices, small appliances, computers, or phones repaired. Free pick up and delivery from your home or office in the Modiin area! Fixit's staff has decades of experience and advanced skills for the
Moshe Kfir - Repair Services
Modiin General
Fluent English speaker. Repair services for all types of refridgerators, freezers and air conditioners. Licensed technician with 30 years experience. Guarantee on all repairs. Modiin resident for 20 years. To receive tips and info about how
Sergey - Licensed Gas Technician
Modiin General
Execution of all gas-related work and repairs, according to industry standards. Specializes in problem solving and installation of infrastructure and gas points. Professional and dedicated, no shortcuts. Fast, same day service. Installation
10% Off All Gas-Related Work and Repairs!
Sherut Express Elazar - Fridge and Freezer Technician
Modiin General
Over 20 years of experience, including American fridges. Fair prices. Available until midnight! Service and repair of all types of home fridges and freezers. Dependable and professional service, by expert cooling technician. Modiin Resident
10% Off Fridge and Freezer Repairs!
SOS Claude Anton - Appliance Repair Service
Modiin General
30 years of experience and hundreds of loyal customers in Modiin. Repair services for: Washing machines Dryers Dishwashers Ovens Modiin resident. You are welcome to call with any problem for a free consultation, and an efficient and thoroug
A. W. Cooling - Appliance Repair (Aharon Wolf)
Modiin General
The goal: satisfied customers! Repairing: Refridgerators and freezers. Washing machines. Dryers. Dishwashers. Reliable - Fair - Professional. Aharon Wolf - at your service! English speaking. 30 years experience.
A.S. Electronics - Aharon ben Shabbat
Lab specializing in fixing TVs and LCD, LED and plasma screens. Also expert experience in fixing microwaves and all models of computer screens. In addition, sells and installs Idan digital satellite receivers with 5 channels. Professional,
Adir Electrics - Store & Home Appliance Repair
Lev HaEmek
Sale center and repair service for vacuum cleaners, kettles, irons (incl. steam), shavers, hair clippers, hair removal devices, hair dryers, hair straighteners, microwaves, toaster-ovens, LCD screens, food processors and more... Reliable an
Exclusive: Over 25% Off Ninja Blender!
Aleph Bet American Appliance Repair
Modiin General
Eliezer Ben Baruch, American technician specializing in the repair, installation, and maintenance of American major home appliances (gas and electric). 30 years experience. Servicing all major brands: Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana, General Elect

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