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Beit Yehonatan in Modiin

Information on all the offices in the Beit Yehonatan building of the Azrieli mall, accessible from the outdoor plaza next to Bank Mizrahi Tefahot, from the end of the food court, and from the underground parking lot.
ALM LAW - Attorneys & Notary
Azrieli Mall
Property & Real Estate - Contract Law - Inheritances and Wills - Notary services - Litigation. Notary services Property & real estate - sales, private and commercial rentals, tabu registration. TAMA 38, agricultural farms and more Civil law
Zooz BeMachol Azrieli Mall Branch - Studio & Professional Dance Troupes
Azrieli Mall
Classes from age 4 to adults: pre-school dance, jazz, Israeli dance, ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, pointe and modern dance. Managed by Galit and Roi Kabiri. Classes and ensemble groups are taught in a variety of locations around the city and s
Matav Modiin Branch - Association for Nursing, Aide and Consulting Services for the Elderly
Azrieli Mall
Modiin branch of the long-serving Matav association (operating since 1958), providing a wide range of services for the elderly, nursing services and various services in the welfare field. The association is recognized by all the professiona
Mei Modiin - Modiin-Maccabim-Reut's Water Company
Azrieli Mall
Main activities: Renovation, upgrading and development of city water and sewage pipes. Improvement of customer services and high level services expected from a modern company. Installation of new and up to date technologies that upgrade the
MG Fitness Modiin
Azrieli Mall
Fitness club for women. Opening soon. Located where Sher Fitness was.
National Insurance Institute - Modiin Branch
Azrieli Mall
General services.
Naturapil Modiin
Azrieli Mall
Center for aesthetic medicine. The Modiin branch of the national chain.
Or HaShen Modiin
Azrieli Mall
Dental imaging clinic. The Modiin branch of the national chain.
Oshrat Sherman Law Office
Azrieli Mall
Medical rights.
Payments (Gviyah) Department - Modiin Macabbim Reut Municipality
Azrieli Mall
Municipal department dealing with all types of incoming payments from residents to the municipality, including Arnona, education, fines and fees. For online payments click here For information on changing ownership of properties click here

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